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Posted on 29 July 2009 by admin

(972) 458-7283 – phone

(972) 458-7299 – fax

Dallas Office

7920 Belt Line Rd., Suite 680

Dallas, TX 75254

Fort Worth Office

P.O. Box 12087

Fort Worth, TX 76110

(817) 927-2831

3 Comments For This Post

  1. elle green Says:

    Your Headline: “Lieberman: Next US White House will be friendlier to Israel”
    My Headline: TJP sounding like FOX news. (oh and by the way, thats a bad thing)

    This kind of rhetoric incites an attitude of ignorance. When TJP prints a headline as it has, it rings as truth and not opinion.
    Not only is the policy of the next administration unknowable, the current President of Israel has indicated that there has been no greater supporter of Israel than the current administration.

    Lieberman is basically a wind bag with no credibililty. Dont print statements like this, which show only ignorance and prejudice. Careful, please TJP, you are leaning towards the right and it isnt pretty.

  2. rebecca sklaver Says:

    every week i look forward to getting the TJP especially to read Harriet Gross’ column. today i was so very disappointed. Harriet you chose to stories are qualify as RECHILOS. even if they are true, why not concentrate on positive stories, especially before yom-tov when we are to ask for forgiveness for our lashing tongue. Please i trust you will chose your subjects and what you would like to share with your readers with more care.

  3. Oscar Israelowitz Says:

    Celebrating Milestone Anniversary of New York’s
    First Jewish Community in 1654

    Celebrate with noted author and NYC tour guide, Oscar Israelowitz, on an exciting two-hour tour aboard the NY Water Taxi. This is a milestone year, marking the 365th anniversary of the landing of the first Jewish pioneers in 1654. The tour includes such sites as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Museum of Jewish Heritage , World Trade Center, Site where the RMS Titanic was to have docked on her maiden voyage, Castle Clinton, First Synagogue in North America, Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge, Roosevelt Island with its new Technion campus, and the Empire State Building. We will hear stories about Rabbi Jacob Joseph, the first Chief Rabbi of New York City, the Great Synagogues, architect Louis Kahn and his beautiful design for the Four Freedoms Park, and lots more.

    Date: Sunday, September 15, 2019
    Rain or Shine
    Limited Seating–First Come, First Serve
    Bring Your Own Snacks
    Tickets: $40

    For more information contact us at…

    P.O.Box 228 Brooklyn, NY 11229
    Tel. (718) 336-1690

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