The History of the Texas Jewish Post

The Texas Jewish Post was conceived in mid-1946 by Jimmy and Rene Wisch, who were both working for the Federal government at the time. They became active publishers and editors in 1947. Jimmy Wisch passed away on January 26, 2002. Rene Wisch passed away on November 1, 2010. They were perhaps, from a historical view, the oldest living husband and wife team in the active working profession of Jewish journalism on a global basis.

Jimmy Wisch

Among the landmark achievements of the TJP are: the only Jewish newspaper allowed into the Soviet Union during the Cold War of (1965-66); representation at the Johnson-Eshkol Summit in Texas; the only Jewish newspaper invited to the historic Nixon-Breshnev Summit in the Soviet Union (May-June 1972); and personal interviews conducted with leading world figures. Stories and columns from the TJP, have been reprinted in the Houston Chronicle, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the former Dallas Times Herald, the Congressional Record, as well as many other weekly and monthly publications.

Besides being members of the Texas Press Association and other national professional organizations, the TJP, has been a member of the American Jewish Press Association (AJPA) for more than half a century. Founding editor and publisher, Jimmy Wisch (1947-2002), was Executive Secretary of the AJPA for 14 years and served as President for three years.

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