Women’s networking group grows

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Businesswomen will meet and greet Jan. 31 By Deb Silverthorn The Dallas Jewish Women in Business Network (DJWBN) is raising a glass — well, a coffee cup — to 2018…

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ISJL supplies Jewish resources region-wide

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New CEO to continue outreach across South By Aaron Greenberg Special to the TJP DALLAS — Macy B. Hart grew up in a very small Jewish community in Winona, Mississippi.…

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True meaning of Shechinah

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One of the popular mystical and intriguing buzzwords these days is Shechinah, simply defined as the indwelling of divine presence, as seen in the biblical verse: “Make me a sanctuary…

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Blessing the children

Dear Rabbi, Last week I was invited to have a Shabbat meal with an observant family, and before the meal commenced I saw something beautiful: The father and mother each…

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