A retired teacher debuts her first book
Photo: Deb Silverthorn
Roz Liberman, the first-time author of “An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times.”  “This is absolutely a dream fulfilled.”

By Deb Silverthorn

First-time author Roz Liberman is no stranger to children and the difference they can make. The retired teacher has recently published “An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times,” which helps children to open up about their emotions.

“‘An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times’ encourages children to discuss their concerns,” said Liberman, who taught for more than 40 years including at Parish Episcopal School and Plano schools. “For most children, what they imagine is far worse than reality, but many children just don’t have the ability to verbalize their feelings effectively.”

The 28-page paperback book, illustrated by Cynthia Meadows, is a tribute to Liberman’s late sister Pam Mandell. The children’s picture book, published in May by Dallas-based Brown Books, is the story of a young child trying to navigate her way through this unusual time, and becomes the voice of many children who have not been able to express themselves.

“I had no idea in the spring that the pandemic would last another two months, let alone nine and beyond, so it’s written to be relevant to adjusting to any crisis in which kids are confused and frightened,” said Liberman, a lifelong reader who still tutors elementary and middle school students in writing.

“I took what was happening around us, and how families, my students, and my own grandchildren were managing and maneuvering through this time,” said Liberman, who hopes to reach audiences for her book by teleconferencing with schools, congregations and other outlets. “Of course, there’s so much that is difficult, but there is also so much good that can be gained.”

A native of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, Liberman is the daughter of Victor and Vivienne Cohen, both of blessed memory. She has lived in Dallas since 1978 and is the mother of Jill (Zane) Belyea and Jay (Julie) Liberman and the grandmother of Dylan and Zachary Belyea and Ray and Sally Liberman. She has been affiliated with synagogues Adat Chaverim, Congregation Anshai Torah and Temple Emanu-El.

She lives in Frisco Lakes and enjoys walking, painting, and reading in addition to writing and promoting her book.

Written in the first person, “An Ordinary Kid in Extraordinary Times” involves a diverse family which allows the readers to easily identify with the main character. The book closes with a list of benefits hopefully gained from the “new normal” brought by the pandemic, leaving families to reflect on the positives to be taken from any difficult experience.

Liberman shares three of the top 10 lessons she hopes readers glean from the book: “Family time should be the number one activity for kids and parents; families should share meals together as often as possible; and we can do anything together, whether we are facing a serious problem or not.”

Liberman held a Zoom launch party for the book in September. “I’ve always wanted to write a book and was waiting for the right moment,” she said. In November, she finished writing her second book, “I Just Want to Be Me,” which she is still deciding how to distribute. “This is absolutely a dream fulfilled.”

For purchase information, or to read the author’s blog, visit RozLiberman.com. To contact the author for autographed copies before the holidays, email roz.author@gmail.com, and to connect with readers visit Roz’s Readers Room on Facebook.

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  1. Gary Weiss

    Congratulations, Roz. Here’s hoping you have a long and illustrious literary career……which, I am sure, you will. Probably, a Newbery Award awaits you. (Will make sure my grandchildren have a copy!) Fond thoughts, Gary

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