Amid attacks, Israelis continue life as usual

Dear Readers,
It has been quite an experience spending the past two weeks in Israel, with the nearly daily unspeakable tragedies transpiring.
Every few hours I have been, with great trepidation, checking Arutz7 with the knowledge that it most probably won’t be the best of news.
Stabbings, shootings, ramming cars into bus stops, and more. The one time I took the light rail to the Old City to visit the Wall I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder and surveying the other passengers, thinking … Does that person look suspicious? Everywhere you look you see groups of police or IDF, stationed at every major corner and on every bus.
Then comes the silver lining … The buses and trains are full! The train has few empty seats! The streets and malls are packed! The resilience of the Jewish people and their faith in God is mind-boggling. Life goes on and nobody will allow these murderers the courtesy of stopping their lives.
In the synagogues and yeshivos extra prayers and psalms are being recited, the services are conducted with extra fervor and prayers emanate from hearts broken with the collective pain for those who have been lost and those of their families who have been left behind.
Although nobody thinks this situation is stopping any time soon, the Jews of Israel live with the complete faith in the eternity of the Jewish people.
May we soon experience our final redemption and the end of our trials and tribulations.

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