Around the Town
By Sharon Wisch-Ray

I had a wonderful time Saturday night at the Trinity Valley School Class of 1983’s 30th reunion. A good portion of our class of 54 students showed at the Westover Hills home of Shannon and Dr. Trace Worrell, who were the warmest of hosts.

Hard to believe 30 years have passed for the Trinity Valley School Class of ’83. Pictured here at the TVS reunion July 13 are from left Linda Mesnik, Dana Cohen-Paine and Sharon Wisch-Ray. | Photo: Adam Sear
Hard to believe 30 years have passed for the Trinity Valley School Class of ’83. Pictured here at the TVS reunion July 13 are from left Linda Mesnik, Dana Cohen-Paine and Sharon Wisch-Ray. | Photo: Adam Sear

In truth, we haven’t changed all that much, and one thing that definitely hasn’t changed is Pishta’s (aka Mr. Seleny’s) ability to pinch cheeks and lovingly slap one’s face in just the way that only he knows how to accomplish. If you went to Trinity Valley during the Stephen Seleny era, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m referring to!
Of the four Jewish kids in our graduating class, three of us were able to attend and I’ll give you a quick update, as well as some news about some former class members.


Traveling the farthest was Linda Ravech Mesnik. Linda now lives in the Boston area and has been married to Peter for 19 years. They have three children, Amara, 17, Ben, 15 and Lizzy, 12. Linda, a physical therapist, is getting ready to start making the rounds with Amara as she begins to narrow her college choices. I’m happy to report that one of those choices is my own alma mater, Wash U. I sure hope she likes St. Louis. Linda, Peter and Amara recently returned from a week-long trip to England, while Ben and Lizzy enjoyed Camp Tevya in New Hampshire.
It was wonderful to see Linda and hear how her brother Jim Ravech and his wife, Kellie, and three daughters are doing. They live in Nashville, Tenn. Linda also spent time with her mom, Sarah Ravech who lives in Crowley now. Among other activities, they enjoyed a trip to the Modern Art Museum and its delicious brunch. Linda reports that her dad, Jack, seems to be enjoying the Florida sunshine where he recently moved.


Dana Cohen-Paine was also in attendance with her fabulous and attentive husband, Bill Paine. Dana is currently working at Scott and White hospital in Temple where she just completed a hematopathology fellowship. She is currently doing an additional year of pathology training there and commutes from her Plano home. Dana has four children, Kevin, 15, Jeffrey, 12 and Sarabelle and Samuel, 9-year-old twins. The kids were enjoying an evening out with doting grandparents Judy and Don Cohen during the reunion.


This writer attended the reunion solo. Husband Alex was kind enough to come to the 20th reunion, but I spared him this time around. He and our middle son Sam, 12, headed to Lake Texoma for some striper fishing, where they quickly caught their limit Sunday morning and enjoyed the unseasonably cool, rainy weather on the lake. Our Nos. 1 and 3 boys, Benjamin, 18 and Jimmy, 9, are down at Echo Hill Ranch enjoying the “Little Green Valley.” Benjamin will head to Aggieland, just one day after Sam’s upcoming bar mitzvah in August. Jimmy shared in a recent camp letter. “Dear Mom and Dad, I am having fun. Thanks for the c.p. [care package]. I am making money renting out the etch-a-sketch you sent me.” OK, not what I had in mind … but I’m sure his grandfather would be proud.


Missing in action and deeply missed was Michael Sheinberg. Michael, a neurosurgeon, has been enjoying the spectacular Northern California scenery since his Stanford days with a brief interlude for his residency at the University of Michigan. He and his wife Tricia are the parents of two athletic boys, A.J., 12 and Jake, 8.
Looking through the TVS photos reminded me of a few other members of the class from over the years.


Paul Jaffe was a member of the class from first through fifth grades. Paul, with his parents Frieda and the late Harold Jaffe and brother Steve, left Fort Worth in 1979 when they moved to Boca Raton, Fla. Paul graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in zoology and then earned his DVM from the
University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993. He married his wife Allison in 1993 and they have a son, Michael who is a rising senior. Michael is field goal kicker and punter on the varsity football team.


A member of the class for many years was Annette Klemow Smith. In an interesting twist, Annette has been teaching on Trinity Valley’s former McCart campus, which is now South Hills High School for the last 14 years. At South Hills High, Annette teaches food science courses and restaurant management. She is the senior sponsor and AVID coordinator. Annette and her husband Mitchell are the parents of Melanie, a senior at the University of North Texas and Courtney, a recent Country Day grad who will be headed to Norman, Okla. as an OU freshman this fall.


Also a part of the class many moons ago was Jeff Becker, who moved to Tampa, Fla. with his parents Bob and Jo Ann after middle school. Jeff returned to Texas to attend UT Austin, where he also graduated law school. He is a partner at Haynes and Boone in Dallas where he practices trademark, advertising and brand management law among other areas of expertise. Jeff is married to Shelley (Lamark), and they are the parents of two sons, Ryan and Alec.
It has been great fun for me to see the Beckers as our sons play on the same baseball team in Dallas. I frequently get to catch up on the bleachers with former ourtowners, Shelley’s parents, Arlene and Lewis Lamark as well as Jeff’s parents Jo Ann and Bob Becker who recently moved back to the area to be near their children and grandchildren.

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