Around the Town
By Sharon Wisch-Ray

Who doesn’t like a road trip? Joining Carole Rogers recently for a trip to the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Ark., were Carole’s mom Anita Dellal who was visiting from New Jersey, Gail Granek, Pat Davis, Mary Frances Antweil and Julie Silverman (Mary Frances’ daughter who was visiting from Albuquerque).
Carole rented a van and everyone from the Monday night mahj group, except for Roz Rosenthal and Ruthie Hamill, hit the road.

Enjoying Bentonville, Ark. are, from left, Gail Granek, Anita Dellal, Carole Rogers, Pat Davis, Mary Frances Antweil and Julie Silverman. | Photo: Courtesy of Carole Rogers
Enjoying Bentonville, Ark. are, from left, Gail Granek, Anita Dellal, Carole Rogers, Pat Davis, Mary Frances Antweil and Julie Silverman. | Photo: Courtesy of Carole Rogers

Carole tells me that the museum was designed by Israeli architect Moshe Safdie and “built” by Alice Walton. It has the largest collection of American art including portrait paintings and sculptures. Walton wanted to teach people about art. The museum is free and it has amazing educational programs.
Safdie kept nature in mind when designing the museum. Its website states, “Rather than building at the edge of the ravine, overlooking the stream below, Safdie chose to let the landscape embrace the building, and make the spring water an integral part of the design. Two ponds were created with a series of weirs that manage the inflow from Town Branch Creek and nearby Crystal Spring. This natural spring, along with the striking glass and copper bridges that span the ponds, provided Crystal Bridges with its name.”
Carole explained to me that there are hiking trails all around the museum and one of them heads downtown which has the original Walton’s Five & Dime and the hotel where the group stayed, 21 C. The hotel has an art gallery on the bottom and the exhibits rotate a few times a year.
Carole provided lots of details about the unique hotel … “the place is art-themed, all floors decorated differently. Their ‘logo’ is the penguin and they have all these plastic penguins they move around. You can put them at your table when you eat … It is very fun and festive!”
While there, Carole ran into Yogi and Leslie Florsheim who were there for a wedding.

Jewish Person of the Year plans are underway

One of the highlights on the calendar each year is B’nai B’rith’s Jewish Person of the Year. The anticipation is always high to see who will be given the coveted honor year in and year out. This year’s banquet will be held from 6 to 9 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 10 at Beth- El Congregation, 4900 Briarhaven Road in Fort Worth.
New Federation Executive Director Bob Goldberg will speak, and the Texas Gypsies will provide live music for dancing. Riscky’s BBQ will cater. If you wish a kosher meal, it can be obtained with a prior request with your reservation.
In addition to the Person of the Year, B’nai B’rith will recognize its scholarship winners for the year. Nominations can be sent to: Request for Nominations, Isadore Garsek Lodge, 4420 W. Vickery Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76107. Cost for the evening is $25. Beer and wine will be available for purchase.
To make a reservation, or if you have a question, you can contact Harry Kahn at 817-926-6566 or, Alex Nason at or Marvin Beleck at
Joining last year’s honoree, Alex Nason who will present the award to this year’s winner, are an esteemed group of individuals — many of blessed memory — who over the years have helped shaped Jewish life in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. I am amazed at this list.
They include: 1951, David Greines; 1952, I.E. Horwitz; 1953, Sol Brachman; 1954, Ella Brachman; 1955, Maurice Rabinowitz; 1956, Sophia Miller; 1957, Leon Brachman; 1958, Rabbi Isadore Garsek; 1959, Jerome Wolens; 1960 Louis H. Barnett; 1961, Dr. Frank Cohen; 1962, Rabbi Robert J. Schur; 1963, Dr. Abe Greines; 1964, I.E. Horowitz; 1965, Dr. Harold Freed; 1966, M.M. Goldman; 1967, Sidney Raimey; 1968, Ben Coplin; 1969, Leon Gachman; 1970, Sheldon Labovitz; 1971, Madlyn B. Barnett; 1972, Walter Nass; 1973, Herbert Berkowitz; 1974, Manny (E.M.) Rosenthal; 1975, Sam Weisblatt; 1976, Ceil and David Echt; 1977, Marcia Kornbleet Kurtz; 1978, Allen Wexler; 1979, Faye Berkowitz; 1980, Charles Levinson; 1981, Burnis Cohen; 1982, Sandra Freed; 1983, Sherwin Rubin; 1984, Bernard S. Appel; 1985, Leroy Solomon; 1986, I.L. (Buddy) Freed; 1987, Larry Kornbleet; 1988, Karen Brachman; 1989, Hortense Deifik; 1990, Ruby Kantor; 1991, Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger; 1992, Beverley Moses; 1993 Dr. Ron Stocker; 1994, Rowena Kimmell; 1995, Stuart and Rebecca Isgur; 1996, Miriam Labovitz; 1997, Harry S. Kahn; 1998, Leslie Kaitcer and Jeff Kaitcer; 1999, Dr. Michael B. Ross; 2000, Dr. Al Faigin; 2001, Lon Werner; 2002, Seymour Kanoff; 2003, Leon Brachman; 2004, Earl Givant; 2005, Al Sankary; 2006, David Beckerman; 2007, Hollace Weiner; 2008, Laurie Werner; 2009, Alfred “Shuggie” Cohen; and 2010, Dr. Barry Schneider.

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