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By Sharon Wisch-Ray

It was just a week ago, Dec. 12, when I received my “Daytimers” update from Barbara Rubin about the Jewish genealogy program held Dec. 11 at Beth-El. I remember thinking, space is going to be tight, I don’t want to let Barbara down. I hope we have room next week. I was so saddened, as I’m sure all of you were, to hear that Barbara had passed away Monday. I wasn’t surprised, however, that she was working until the end. My earliest memories as a small child are of her bustling around the JCC on a mission to make sure that all programs were in order. I remember admiring her when she was one of the first women at the shul to don a kippah, and I have come to depend on her for her regular installments of the Daytimers goings on. What follows is her last, but no doubt lasting contribution to the TJP and the Tarrant County Jewish community.
“‘Daytimers’ had an informative program on Jewish Genealogy, Wednesday, Dec.11, at noon at Beth-El synagogue featuring Dr. Barry Lachman, medical director, Parkland Community Health Plan, who has done extensive research on his own family from Lithuania and Ukraine.
“Weather scared many of the participants away, but the small group that attended got a lot of information.
“Next event for the ‘Daytimers’ will be a talk by Beth-El’s Israeli Shaliah, Gilad Altacevitz, ‘A Look at Contemporary Israel,’ at noon, Wednesday, Jan. 15.”
For information and reservations, call with your credit card to Larry Steckler, 520-990-3155 or Hugh Lamensdorf, 817-738-1428, or reserve for yourself at The Sylvia Wolens “Daytimers” is a program of Beth-El Congregation with financial support from the Jewish Federation of Fort Worth and Tarrant County.
A memorial service for Barbara is planned for 5 p.m., this afternoon, Dec. 19.

Edythe Cohen and Rhona Raffel check in at the door with Roz Rosenthal and Jacquie Robinson at the ‘Daytimers’ program Dec. 11.
Edythe Cohen and Rhona Raffel check in at the door with Roz Rosenthal and Jacquie Robinson at the ‘Daytimers’ program Dec. 11.

CAS will screen ‘Keeping the Faith’ Dec. 25

My crew and I have a Christmas Day tradition … head to the movies. Sound familiar? Congregation Ahavath Sholom is accommodating your movie fix next Wednesday, Dec. 25.
At 3:30 p.m., CAS will show “Keeping the Faith,” the second film in its 2013/14 Showtimes Film Series.
“Keeping the Faith “ is a feel-good family film made in 2000 about two friends — a priest and a rabbi — who fall in love with the same beauty (Jenna Elfman). It is fun-loving, sweet, adorable, and really cute film to watch. Directed by Edward Norton and written by Stuart Blumberg, it stars Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, Jenna Elfman, Anne Bancroft and Eli Wallach. The film is 128 minutes.
All of CAS Showtimes Film Series films are free, as are the popcorn and cold drinks. Everyone in the community is invited.
The 2013/14 Showtime Committee has done a great job planning and screening the films.
“We hope you will enjoy the selections of our Showtimes Film Series and we look forward to seeing you at the film showings,” said Debby Rice. In addition to Debby, committee members Liz Chesser, Elizabeth Cohen, Kate Cohen, Foster Owen, Dr. Jane Pawgan, Debby Rice, Reggie Rog, Jayna Sosland, Jim Stansbury and Riki Zide have been doing yeoman’s work.
Congregation Ahavath Sholom’s 2013/14 Showtimes Film Series is funded by the Jewish Federation of Fort Worth and Tarrant County. For more information please call the synagogue at 817-731-4721.

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