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By Sharon Wisch-Ray

Thanks to Dr. Julian Haber for sharing good news about his new book, “Lydia and the Postal Inspector,” a group of short stories. The stories, both fiction and non-fiction, cover a variety of subjects.
Lydia is an elderly con woman threatened by a blackmailed mobster. Experience a family’s quest to find a boy’s mother swept away by a tornado in A Golden Tear Drop. When a woman seeks help for her malady from a cult she gets trapped in the House of Ramses. A huge flashover surrounds a group of firefighters battling a blaze at a county courthouse in Harvey and The Firehouse Ghost.
A woman after eye surgery discovers that all of her dresses are of a different color. Visiting the Normandy D-Day beaches (a Jewish prospective) and more, more, more, short stories.
It’s been a family endeavor. Julian’s wife, Marian Haber, authored two of the short stories and edited the work. Grandson Jackson Haber, son of Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Haber, co-authored “A Golden Tear Drop” and son Fire Captain Howard Haber co-authored “Harvey, and The Firehouse Ghost.”
Julian holds degrees in psychology and medicine from the University of Miami. Several of his stories have appeared in major publications such as Good Housekeeping, American Veteran, American Family Physician and the Fort Worth Star Telegram to name a few. Critics including the Literary Digest, Critique, the Miami Herald and Texas Press among others lauded his previous six books.
For further information about the book, contact Julian at, 817-346-1902, 7001 Candlestick Court, Fort Worth, TX, 76133.

Brite Divinity School presents Cristol lecture

“Dethroning David and Enthroning Messiah: Jewish and Christian Perspectives” is the topic of the Brite Divinity school Cristol Lecture at 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 13, in the Bass Conference Hall at TCU’s Brite Divinity School. The program will be presented by scholars George J. Brooke and Hindy Najman.
Brooke is professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis at University of Manchester, UK, where he specializes in the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Semitic Studies. He holds an M.A. and D.D. from Oxford University and a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate School.
Among his publications are “The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament” (Fortress, 2005) and “Reading the Dead Sea Scrolls: Early Judaism and Its Literature” (SBL, 2013). He is currently working on a new edition of several manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Preliminary work on that project was published in “The Mermaid and the Partridge” (Leiden: Brill, 2011). Brooke served as the president of the British Association for Jewish Studies and was president of the Society for Old Testament Study. Currently he serves as the editor of the “Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah” series.
Najman is professor of Religious Studies at Yale University, where she specializes in Second Temple Judaism, Hebrew Bible, early Rabbinics and the history of Jewish interpretation. She holds an M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University.
Among her publications are “Seconding Sinai: The Development of Mosaic Discourse in Second Temple Judaism” (Brill, 2003) and “Past Renewals” (Brill, 2010). Her new book, “Losing the Temple and Recovering the Future: An Analysis of 4 Ezra,” is scheduled to appear later this year. Najman served as the editor-in-chief for the Journal for the Study of Judaism Supplement Series from 2008 to 2011 and was the thematic issues editor for the Dead Sea Discoveries from 2003 to 2010.
The lecture will be followed by a light reception.

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