Around the Town
By Amy Wolff Sorter

Last week, I suggested that readers start submitting graduation/wedding/summer plans. I called that my “periodic nudge.” This week I’m going to offer my “periodic broken record.” As such, if this week’s column looks light of news, there is a reason. There doesn’t seem to be much news out there, which I find very hard to believe.
I want to turn this glorified PR column of planned events to news about the local Jewish community. But to reach this goal, I really need submissions from the readers. Is someone celebrating a milestone birthday or the birth of a child or grandchild? Send it in. Is your son or daughter (or grandson or granddaughter) getting married or graduating? Send it in. Are you going somewhere fun this summer? Send THAT in, with photos. Did someone get a new job, receive a new award, entertain out-of-town relatives? Now you see why I call this the “periodic broken record.” Send it in.
I’ll even start it off. We Sorters spent this past weekend in Skaneateles, N.Y. — in the Finger Lakes region of the state — celebrating the bat mitzvah of our youngest niece/cousin, Kathryn Lindgren (who, by the way, did very well in chanting her Haftorah portion), the daughter of Dave’s brother, Ivan Lindgren, and his wife, Patti.
What made this event even more special — other than the fact that our son, Michael, kept quiet about missing a basketball tournament — is that we connected with long-lost members of our family. Loomis Lindgren, his wife, Karen, and their young kids, Aiden and Maddie are terrific, and we look forward to seeing them at future family events.
As always, please send all submissions to me at

Speaking of Jewish geography

A good friend of my mom’s always talked about “Jewish geography,” and I’m sure most of you are familiar with the concept of you knowing someone, who knows someone else who knows another person who you know. This concept has prompted my aunt to claim that there are only 500 people in the world.
At any rate, Barbara Rubin sent us a new spin on that aspect of Jewish geography, telling us that she, Etta Miller and Frances Marks recently took a trip to New York City.
“Imagine my surprise when, sitting in the lobby of our hotel was Elaine Griver,” Barbara writes. Elaine, apparently, was in the Big Apple visiting some friends from college. Here’s a shout-out to Texas Jews in Manhattan …

And last call for this month’s Daytimers’ program

Barbara also reminded us that this is the “last call” for the May Daytimers’ program. May’s guest will be sculptor Rebecca Low, who will present “Trash to Treasure,” which will focus on sculptures using found objects.
This is Ms. Low’s (which rhymes with “wow”) medium; she creates large works of art from everyday objects. The photo shows both artist and her work, so you get the general idea.
The event will take place at Beth-El Congregation, 4900 Briarharven, and will be catered by Subway. For information and reservations, call with your credit card to Barbara Rubin, 817-927-2736 or Hugh Lamensdorf, 817-738-1428, or reserve by logging on to

Winding down on the B’nai B’rith scholarship

If your child is headed off to college, the Isadore Garsek B’nai B’rith Lodge wants to help by providing $1,000 scholarships. If you’re a member in good standing of a synagogue or the local B’nai B’rith lodge, get your application in by May 24. Contact Dr. Barry Schneider at or get in touch with your synagogue’s youth advisor or rabbi for more information.

And the B’nai B’rith Person of the Year

The Isadore Garsek Lodge will honor its Person of the Year on Sunday, June 3. If you know of someone from the community who is deserving of this award through community works and other reasons, submit your nomination (and the reasons why that nomination is deserving) to B’nai B’rith Lodge, P.O. Box 101234, Fort Worth, TX 76185.
The dinner is $25 per ticket. If you’re interested in attending the dinner, or have questions, contact Alex Nason at 817-346-3991 or, or call Harry Kahn at 817-926-6566.

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