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By Amy Wolff Sorter

In poking around on various synagogues’ websites, I came across an interesting column penned by Beth-El Congregation’s own Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger. The topic involved the need for taking time off. Not so much in terms of summer vacation, but in terms of Shabbat.
He pointed out the importance of giving oneself permission to take time off, noting that, in biblical times, there was no such thing as a “vacation; rather, our ancestors used Shabbat to take that time off.”
The essence of the column was that what we need is to reclaim Shabbat — and that summertime, with its more relaxed focus, might be a good time to do just that.
“Recharge your spiritual batteries each week,” Mecklenburger notes. “We should get off the daily treadmill long enough each week to ponder what our lives are about.”
Absolutely. Shabbat gives us the excuse to not have to work but rather, to reflect, pray and study — and, depending on what synagogue you attend, to eat and schmooze after morning services. Summer is a good time to see what Shabbat is all about. The day of rest so we can do well with the rest of the week.

For the seniors

Whether you’re a Fort Worth native or a newcomer, the local Jewish Family Services would like to welcome you to its senior (citizen) program, which meets 10 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday-Friday at Beth-El Congregation’s Great Hall.
A dairy lunch is served at noon. Also available are games and all-around fun and schmoozing.
For information, contact the JFS office at 817-569-0898.

More Congratulations

On the wedding front, mazel tov to Linda Rome and Donald Wooldridge on their recent marriage. Also, congrats go to Sandy and Ira Hollander on the marriage of their son, Adam, to Adelle Reeder (the couple lives in Houston); as well as to Marilyn and Larry McGee, on the marriage of their daughter, Sari Hochberger, to Mickey Barr, who live in New York.
There are more graduates to congratulate as well …

  • Alex Keller, son of Nancy Keller and Stewart Keller, a National Merit finalist who is graduating from Fort Worth Paschal High School. He will attend the University of Rochester.
  • Eli Holley, who is graduating from Oklahoma City University.
  • Kelly Ayn Putterman, granddaughter of Ruth and Jerry Berkowitz, who is graduating from the TCU School of Nursing. She begins work at Baylor All Saints Hospital this month.
  • Hailey Rubin, who is graduating from Paschal High School. Haley is daughter of Barry and Gwen Rubin and granddaughter of Elaine and Michael Griver. She will join her older sister, Kaitlyn, at Auburn University.
  • Melissa Beldon, daughter of Lori and Robert Beldon, who is graduating from Texas State University.
  • Danielle Knust, daughter of Ilana and Kurt Knust, who is graduating from North Crowley High School. She will attend Virginia Tech.
  • Jennie Brow, daughter of Jackie Brow, who is graduating from North Crowley High School.
  • Jenna Lee, daughter of Jim and Judy Lee, who is graduating from Fort Worth Country Day School.
  • Emily Englander, daughter of Marilyn and Marty Englander, who is graduating from Fort Worth Country Day School. She will attend George Washington University.
  • Ted Dayton, son of Drs. Greg and Debra Dayton, who is graduating from Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts. He will attend Columbia College in Chicago.
  • Jacob Micklin, grandson of Roz and Harvey Micklin, who is graduating from Monarch High School in Louisville, Colo. He will attend the University of Colorado.
  • Michael Mann, son of Sherry and Howard Mann, who is graduating from Aledo High School. He will attend Kansas State University.
  • And congratulations to Cara Ginsburg and Mark Jones — in addition to daughter Catie Noa Ginsburg, who graduated last summer from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in international relations, the family is honoring Rory Lior Ginsburg, who is graduating from Paschal High School.

And finally, a hearty mazel tov to Rosanne and Bill Margolis, whose granddaughter Julie Sondecher received an Unrestricted Endowed Presidential Scholarship from the University of Texas at Austin. Julie was also named Distinguished Scholar at the university’s Honors Day Convocation.

A Daytimers Reminder

The next Sylvia Wolens Daytimers event at Beth-El Congregation; the organization’s annual movie and ice cream social.
The movie shown will be “Second Hand Lions,” a terrific coming-of-age film with Haley Joel Osment as a young boy spending a summer with his eccentric and rich Texas uncles (portrayed by Robert Duvall and Michael Caine).
The cost for this is $5 and includes the film plus all the popcorn and ice cream you can eat — a pretty good deal, actually. Fat-free, lactose-free and sugar-free ice cream can be ordered as well, just let Barbara Rubin or Hugh Lamensdorf know when you call.
And, if you want to make reservations, you can call Barbara (817-927-2736) or Hugh (817-738-1428) or log onto to reserve for yourself.
As always, the event exists thanks to financial support from the Jewish Federation of Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

Coming in July

That’s right — with June started, it’s never too soon to talk about July. At any rate, a Kids-Who-Care musical will be performed at noon Wednesday, July 11, at Beth-El Congregation.
The performance is called “Choices: Be the Change,” and is an original musical questioning responses to life’s collisions and examines consequences of decisions. Any decisions — even deciding what to have for dinner — have its consequences.
Cost of the program is $4 per person ($9 if you want the lunch as well). The menu will be posted in early June on the synagogue’s website —

And finally

Are you doing anything fun this summer? Traveling the seven seas? Visiting relatives and friends? Just hanging out? Let us know! Send your comments and pictures to me at

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