Around The Town: National honors, Challah bakery
Volunteers Nancy Schwartz, Cindy Simon, Jordyn Schwartz, Cookie Kabacoff helped work the event.

By Sharon Wisch-Ray

National honors for Schweitzer


Congratulations to Jordan Schweitzer, native of Fort Worth and son of Leonard and Rose-Marie Schweitzer, who recently came in for national honors from the American Association of Endodontists. The NewsStand of the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry reported May 15.
“Not long after Dr. Jordan Schweitzer began working as a faculty member in the dental school’s endodontics department, he had a vision in mind. He wondered if he might ever receive the Edward M. Osetek Educator Award. Given by the American Association of Endodontists, the award is one of the highest honors a dental educator in the endodontics specialty can receive. That was back in 2004, when he worked part time at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry.
“‘Lo and behold, 11 years later, it happened,’ said Schweitzer, associate professor in endodontics. ‘It started as sort of a dream: ‘Could I possibly win this?’ he said. The award is given to faculty members in endodontics who have been teaching full time for 10 years or less. Schweitzer, who transitioned to full-time status in 2006, says the award serves as a vote of confidence from colleagues, and current and former students, who submitted letters of support as part of the process, which commenced with a nomination from his department chair, Dr. Gerald Glickman.
“As predoctoral director of endodontics and course director for the preclinical endodontic course, Schweitzer instructs second-, third- and fourth-year students and supervises endodontic residents in the graduate clinic.
“His teaching approach: Find out what motivates each student.
“‘I personalize my instruction to the student’s particular level, be it a D2 student at a beginning level, a D3 student entering into the clinic, and then a D4 student who’s about to graduate,’ says Schweitzer. ‘I want to challenge them to be the best that they can be.’”
Board-certified in endodontics, Schweitzer maintains a practice in Dallas at Highland Park Endodontics. He is a graduate of UT-Austin’s Plan II honors program and received his DDS from Baylor School of Dentistry.
He received his endodontic training at Marquette University, earning a certificate in endodontics and master’s degree in 1988 and 1989.
He is married and his interests include computers, dog rescue, historic architecture, and music. He also serves on the Board of Adjustment for the City of Dallas.

Challah Bakery

On Sunday, Aug. 16, PJ Library Tarrant County got together for a Challah Bakery event.
Federation Program Director Angie Friedman reported:
“What a great afternoon! We learned how to make challah, read and acted out a story, learned about making the blessings, and braided our very own challahs to bake at home.”
Instrumental to the program’s success were Rishi Gurevitch, chair who led the demonstration; Bob Goldberg, who read the PJ Library selection; and the wonderful challah-making volunteers including: Erica Bekerman, Gail and Larry Berlin, Cookie Kabacoff, Nancy and Jordyn Schwartz, Nicole Serralta, Cindy Simon and Cindy Wilcox.

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