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Seniors enjoy luncheon event

JFS Senior Director Hedy Collins tells the TJP what a wonderful time everyone had at the Isadore Garsek Lodge of B’nai B’rith International’s annual senior luncheon for Jewish Family Services last week. Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger honored the group by leading the HaMotzi so the event started in the right key. CAS Rabbi Baruch Zeilicovich attended with Cantor Javier Smolarz and Executive Director Garry Kahalnik. Much-loved musicians Armen and Arianna Cherkasov entertained on the violin and piano with classic tunes while a slide show of the past year’s events played in the background. Harry Kahn and his cooking crew, including Diana Krompass, Elaine Stanton and Jaclyn Daiches as well as Marvin Beleck, Earl Givant, Rich Hollander and Jackie and Irv Robinson, all did a spectacular job. Ellie Cooper and her sister-in-law, Coco Bloom of Boston, also helped serve this year’s dinner as did Mary Frances Antweil, Ann Cobert, Sarah Silverberg, Sonia and Jerry Hecht, Rhoda and Leroy Solomon, Judy and Chandler Horn, the Temple and JFS staff as well as many others this brain cannot think of (senior moment!). Thanks to all for your hard work and dedication to this annual event. Thanks, Hedy, for this report!


Corrine Jacobson and her group of dedicated women were thrilled with Sunday’s celebration of Chanukah at Thistle Hill. While attendance from our community was a bit sparse, more than 250 people participated in the four-hour event held at Art Brender’s office. “Everything was perfect,” Corrine said, “but for the amount of work that everyone does, it needs to be a two-day event.” The sleigh ride from Thistle Hill to Art Brender’s office, inaugurated by Judy Cohen, was again an outstanding success. Ann Bogart worked long hours sharing her talent and expertise, and Jan Lambert’s decorations were fantastic. Hats off to the team that fulfilled their expectations!

‘Daytimers’ Chanukah party Dec. 16

The “Daytimers” Chanukah party will feature Darren Woods, of the Fort Worth Opera Festival, Wednesday, Dec. 16, at noon at Beth-El Congregation. The party will be a benefit for the Tarrant County Food Bank, and guests are asked to bring canned and packaged goods to help make a brighter holiday for many needy families. Food bank trucks will pick up during the luncheon. Each table will light Chanukah candles on menorahs lent from several Fort Worth homes.
The luncheon will be catered by Boopa’s Bagel Deli, and guests have a choice of turkey and hummus on a sesame bagel, chicken salad on honey wheat bagel, or lox and cream cheese on pumpernickel bagel. In addition, all guests will be treated to the traditional Israeli Chanukah treat, jelly-filled sufganiot. Cost is $9 for lunch or $4 for program only.
Woods, general director of the Fort Worth Opera, will talk about next year’s opera season, including a world premiere at the 2010 Fort Worth Opera Festival. Now in its fourth year, this festival has moved to the forefront as “one of the country’s premier opera festivals” by the Dallas Morning News and the Star-Telegram. Darren may also share some inside stories about the fascinating world of opera.
Prior to his appointment in Fort Worth, Woods was the general director of the Shreveport Opera in Louisiana. While in Shreveport, he founded Shreveport Opera Express, or SOX, a touring arts in education program that involved school children working with professional artists in the schools.
Woods performed as a professional operatic tenor for 20 years prior to beginning his management positions in such venues as the New York City Opera, Carnegie Hall, the Washington Opera, L’Opera Madrid, Opera Trieste, Seattle Opera, the Dallas Opera, Baltimore Opera, the Santa Fe Opera and many others.
For reservations, call Barbara Rubin, 817-927-2736, or Sylvia Wexler, 817-294-1129, or checks can be mailed to Daytimers, Beth-El Congregation, 4900 Briarhaven Road, Fort Worth, TX 76109.
The Sylvia Wolens “Daytimers” is a program of Beth-El Congregation with financial support from the Jewish Federation.

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