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Mazel tov

Mazel tov to Joseph (Joe) Klein and Hannah Leah Howard, who exchanged marriage vows on Sunday, Aug. 29 in the beautiful Hall of Remembrance at Beth-El Congregation Officiating was their spiritual leader, Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger.
In attendance were Hannah’s niece, Elayne and her husband Mark Walters; his mother, Joyce Walters; Joe’s son, Kenneth Klein; Dr. Barry and Dolores Schneider; Mark Rosenfield; Hollace Weiner; Adeline Myers; and Charles (Steve) Kaneaster.
Matron of honor was Elayne Walters, and best man was Steve Kaneaster.
Following the ceremony the group adjourned to Mimi’s Café for wine and dinner.
The bride and groom traveled to Austin for their honeymoon and now reside in Bedford.
Joe is a retired avionics engineer from General Dynamics/Lockheed while Hannah spent her career at General Electric.

It’s what’s cooking!

Here at the TJP we are big fans of Holly Clegg’s trim&TERRIFIC® cookbook series; we have enjoyed watching Holly on NBC’s “Weekend Today” show, and “Fox and Friends.” But imagine our delight when we learned that Holly’s newest book, “Too Hot in the Kitchen: Secrets to Sizzle at Any Age,” will be sold in Costco stores nationwide in addition to Barnes and Noble, Borders and Amazon. And to top it all off, Holly will be signing copies of her book, Wednesday, Nov. 24, at 1 p.m.
The new, fully illustrated cookbook aims to please women of all ages with delicious, easy recipes and great tips for eating healthy.
Presenting a healthy twist on everyday recipes, Holly has become known for showing how any recipe can be trimmed down while staying terrific and full of flavor. “Too Hot in the Kitchen” helps take the chore out of cooking by offering fun, creative, one-stop shopping recipes for all cooking levels. The trendy new pantry-friendly cookbook also includes homemade cosmetic solutions for your skin, “Spicy Advice” tips, cooking for two, coffee pairing ideas and the nutritional and diabetic exchange information for each recipe, making it a perfect gift for the dynamic woman.
“My vision was to create fun and scrumptious yet practical recipes that call for the least amount of ingredients to strike a chord with women in all stages of life,” Holly said. “‘Too Hot in the Kitchen’ includes some of my favorite recipes prepared with a healthier slant, while keeping time and affordability in mind.”
Whether preparing breakfast for the kids, entertaining the boss or hosting an at-home spa day with the girls, “Too Hot in the Kitchen” provides recipes and tips for every occasion. It’s an ideal gift for any woman interested in spicing up the kitchen with Holly’s flavorful ideas and helpful advice.
“Too Hot in the Kitchen” is available now at book retailers nationwide and online for only $24.95. The cookbook features 200 easy and exciting recipes designed for today’s busy woman with 100 color photographs and illustrations.
Holly also tells the TJP that she will be in town to promote her book on Friday, Oct. 8 on “Good Day” on Fox (Channel 4) and Monday, Oct. 11 on “Good Morning Texas” (Channel 8).
While in town, Holly and her brood will be joining the family in celebrating dad Jerry’s 80th birthday at the Four Seasons in Los Colinas. Joining Holly will be her husband, Mike Clegg; daughter Haley, who just graduated from WashU in St. Louis and has a job in New York City, is coming in; and Courtney and Chad Goldberg, who live in Dallas, will be there. Holly’s son Todd and his wife can’t make it, as Todd is a groomsman in a wedding.
In addition, Ilene and Bart Putterman will be coming in from Houston. Their son, Michael Putterman, who just graduated from Tufts and is working in Boston, will arrive from Boston. Carrie, who just graduated from Texas Law School, moved to Dallas and is working, will be there, and her daughter, Kelly, is in Fort Worth at TCU, so that’s an easy drive.
Ourtowners Michael and Kim Berkowitz and their three boys, Trevor, Matthew and Benjamin, will also be there.
Mazel tov, Jerry and Ruthie on your simcha and your terrific family!

Rejoicing at Beth Shalom

The sanctuary at Beth Shalom was filled with music, flags, kids and joy as the beloved Torah was paraded around for the hakafot during Simchat Torah services. People danced and clapped to the wonderful music of Kol HaShirim and took turns as first the adults were called for an aliyah and then all the children were called for the second one. Cantor and Richard Allen held a tallit over the heads of the youngsters as they recited the blessings and watched with awe as the second Torah was totally rewound to the very beginning — Beresheet. Only once a year the Geshem prayer for rain is recited and Cantor Allen was excited to do so. For many, it was their first time to hear it.
The Beth Shalom players performed two parashah plays written by Richard Allen which drew rounds of applause from the audience and added to the fun of the evening.
Following the service, everyone enjoyed making ice cream sundaes and visiting with fellow Beth Shalomers in the social hall.
An update from the
Korenman crew
Etta Korenman touched base with the TJP last week to give the update on her crew. Says Etta:
“Joey and his wife Amy, who live in Revere, Mass., just had their first baby. Amy is taking a break from working as a social worker, and Joey is very busy working doing his ‘magic’ with special effects and graphics for some leading commercials, HBO, MTV, Discovery Channel, etc. He is still running marathons and beating on the drums with his band.
“Sarah has returned from Israel and is finishing up her degree at DePaul University in Chicago. She does hope to return to Israel one day, but for now she just lives with the very cold winters off the lake.
“Adam is living and working in the Los Angeles area. His life is divided into civilian and military. When Adam was in Israel for a year, he completed the Army Marva program (basic training) and really liked it. So, when he went to finish his studies in Boston, he joined ROTC, and he is now a lieutenant in the Army National Guard Reserves. However, he went to Los Angeles to break into writing. Currently, he has a script up for consideration, a blog critiquing movies, and he has just won a spot on a game review blog where he may actually get paid. He is also interning with a company.
“Although we made aliyah to Raanana, Israel, seven years ago, Michael still is in Fort Worth most of the time, and he is still at his office on Eighth Avenue being the best surgeon. Michael really enjoys working in Fort Worth. His karate still keeps him busy, and last year earned his 4th-degree black belt in American karate, Tae Kwan Do and Shizen Na. He tries to get to Israel for the chagim, and yes, he has found a golf course that he goes to nearby.
“I do most of the back-and-forth travel at this time. While in Raanana, I stay busy as a speaker with a hasbara (public diplomacy) organization. My time is usually spent going to army bases where I speak with the volunteers that come in, during their education time. It is always different because the people come from all over. An organization that works with us provides material for them in over 18 languages. I have also done voice-over work and even appeared in a commercial there!
“Coming back and forth allows me to see friends and shop; I often have a list of what my Israeli friends want back in Israel. My little yorkie, Hayellet (girl soldier in Hebrew), travels back and forth with me and is a great traveler. People on the plane often do not know I have a dog with me. She also gets points from El Al!” Thanks for the update, Etta, and mazel tov on your new grandchild, whose adorable photo can be seen in this week’s TJP on page 19.

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