BBYO intake pool party: a splash

By Elizabeth Fields
An overcast sky did not stop the 50 young teens that attended the BBYO Intake Luau Pool Party at the Jewish Community Center June 8. Groups of incoming ninth-graders socialized while laughing, eating, swimming and bonding with other potential chapter brothers and sisters. “It’s great meeting all these new people,” said Ben Packer, a freshman. Friend Molly Pluss added, “This event makes me want to join BBYO because it’s fun to converse with Jews and hear their stories.”
The event has been held annually since the early ‘90s and the goal is simple: to expose freshmen to the BBYO experience. “Basically,” said senior Paul Gerard, Moreh of AZA chapter Monsky, “this event is like an icebreaker. It is a time when freshmen get to know one another and for us as older members to look at who we want to plug our chapter.” Ari Butbul, regional Godol, added, “This is my third year attending this intake pool party and I have never seen kids this excited! This group proves to be very social; I only hope that I can make their BBYO experiences just as great as mine were.”
Overall, with Oreos, Sun Chips, Chex Mix and Skittles galore, the fusion of the music, junk food and swimming was a hit.
If you did not attend the pool party and would still like to join BBYO, call Tracy Davis for further questions at 214-363-4654 or e-mail

A guide to BBYO language

To Plug: to undergo the process of joining and becoming a member of a chapter
MIT Mom/Moreh: In charge of MITS “members in training,” they serve as leaders and mentors to the incoming freshmen
Godol: president

Dallas BBYO chapters

AZA chapters (male)
Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
Henry Monsky AZA #791
David Berger AZA #2059
Eamonn Lacey AZA #1872
Morton A. Lewis AZA #135
BBG chapters (female):
Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Reba Wadel BBG #349
Judy Kravitz BBG #1219
Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
Jennie Zesmer BBG # 300

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