Be kind to people, animals and the planet Earth

Dear Families,
To make a kinder world, we must make our own space kinder and then expand beyond. There are so many little ways that help us change ourselves, which will then help us change the world. Every kind act affects someone who then touches another person, and the chain continues. When we act kindly toward others, they feel good and then so do we. Is this making a difference? Yes, definitely.
Text of the week
Shammai says, “Make your Torah (study) a fixed practice; say little and do much; and greet everyone with a pleasant countenance.” —Pirkei Avot 1:15
• The sages tell us that everything is in the Torah and you can learn how to live by studying. Why do you think the rabbis tell us to study on a regular basis? How can study help you treat people better?
• What does it mean to “say little and do much”?
• Greeting everyone with a smile is the best way to make people happy, but why would it be part of this three-part mishnah?
• As with each mishnah, how are the three parts connected?
Value of the week
Kindness (sayver panim yafot — “Put on a Happy Face”
Kindness is when we care about others and showing that concern. We should show kindness to everything that is part of God’s creation: people, animals and the environment. Kindness can be shown in small ways that will make a difference. Greeting everyone with a smile brightens the day and makes people feel good. Smiling is the beginning of friendship. It makes people happy — and it feels good inside.
Things to Do:
• Listening and paying attention to someone is one of the kindest acts we can do.
• Do kind acts that help the earth; reduce, reuse, recycle.
• Be welcoming to new people and accepting of all people.
• Do things that give others happiness.

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