Beth Shalom dedicates second daffodil garden
Photos: Courtesy Ellen Pincus
Taking in the Daffodil Project at Congregation Beth Shalom are, from left, Ruth Friedman, Ellen Pincus, Lani Aldaba, Roy Aldaba, Aimee Pelletier, Felice Silverberg, Phil Pelletier, Dr. Carole Rogers and Janet Aaronson.

In the fall of 2018, Beth Shalom was one of several area congregations that participated in the Daffodil Project. The synagogue planted 500 yellow daffodils to help in the worldwide effort to plant 1.5 million in remembrance of the children who perished in the Holocaust.
Last fall Beth Shalom planted a second garden of both daffodil and crocus bulbs, dedicated to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “Our first garden helps us to remember. Our new one inspires us to look toward the future and the hope that all people might live in freedom, security and dignity,” said Ellen Pincus. On Shabbat, Feb. 21, Beth Shalom held its new garden dedication. “We will use it as an inspiration to promote social action and to contribute to others. It will also remind us to be grateful for our many blessings,” Pincus told the TJP.

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