Colombia cuts diplomatic ties with Israel
Columbia President Gustavo Petro at his August 2022 inauguration. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

‘The president of Colombia promised to give a reward to the murderers of Hamas—and the day has come,’ FM Israel Katz wrote.

JNS Staff Report
May 2, 2024

Colombia’s president announced on Wednesday that his country will be breaking off diplomatic ties with Israel due to the ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza.

“Here in front of you, the government of change, of the president of the republic, announces that tomorrow we will break diplomatic relations with the state of Israel…for having a government, for having a president who is genocidal,” said President Gustavo Petro in Bogota.

In response, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz tweeted: “The president of Colombia promised to give a reward to the murderers of Hamas—and the day has come. History will remember that Gustavo Petro decided to side with the most despicable monsters known to mankind, who burned babies, murdered children, raped women and kidnapped innocent civilians.”

He went on to say that bilateral relations between the countries had historically been warm, and that “not even an antisemitic and hate-filled president will be able to change that. The State of Israel will continue to protect its citizens without fear.”

The Colombian president threatened in March to cut diplomatic ties with Jerusalem if it did not comply with a United Nations Security Council Resolution calling for a halt to fighting in Gaza until the end of Ramadan.

Katz pushed back then as well, writing, “The support of the president of Colombia for the Hamas murderers who massacred and committed atrocious sexual crimes against babies, women and adults is a shame for the Colombian people. Israel will continue to protect its citizens and will not give in to any pressure or threats.”

The left-wing leader caused stir earlier in March when he compared Israel to Nazis and said his country would no longer purchase weapons from the Jewish state.

“Asking for food, more than 100 Palestinians were killed by Netanyahu. This is called genocide and is reminiscent of the Holocaust even if the world powers do not like to recognize it,” he wrote on social media. “The world must block Netanyahu.”

Petro, who assumed power in 2022, has made the same comparison many times before, including prior to taking office in 2019, when he wrote that, “The state of Israel is one thing and the Jewish religion is another, just as the Colombian state is one thing and the Catholic religion is another. Confusing state and religion is typical of the archaic mentality. The State of Israel discriminates against Palestinians like the Nazis discriminate against Jews.”

On Oct. 8, the day after the Hamas massacre, he wrote, “Now the neo-Nazis want the destruction of the Palestinian people, freedom and culture. Now, democrats and progressives want peace to prevail and the Israeli and Palestinian people to be free.”

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