Cuttin' Loose

Some risk is good

By Laura Seymour

Ben Kaplan

There are many of four-letter words that we love to hear at camp. My favorite is, “risk.” Now, more than ever, children need to challenge themselves and take appropriate risks, and camp is the place to do it. Risk means something different to every child — for some, it is singing in
front of a group and for others, it is staying overnight. Campers at the J are challenged to try new things and get involved. One favorite is messy play! After a very heavy rainstorm, there was an incredible mud pile. Many kids jumped right in but for some
it was a little scary and as they put a tentative foot in, they were cheered on. Being in nature is important and feeling confident enough to play in the mud or go on a hike or stand under the falls at Turner Falls gives kids a chance to experience something special. For more information about J Summer Camps, visit
Evan Bernstein

Gad 1 boys having fun in the mud

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