Dallas community hosts adopted soldier at FIDF Shabbaton
Photo: FIDF
At a Congregation Shaare Tefilla Shabbaton the weekend of Oct. 21, 2022, are, from left, Rabbi Steve Weil, FIDF CEO; Steven Rosenberg; Ruthy Rosenberg; Sgt. Shachar; Rabbi Ariel Rackovsky, Shaare Tefilla; and Janine Reutter, FIDF Dallas Chapter director.

Naval combat soldier shares stories and  thanks at Shaare Tefilla

More than 350 local Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) supporters came out in droves last weekend to celebrate and learn from an impressive IDF soldier who “came home” to the community that “adopted” her and the other soldiers serving in the Shayeret 3 Battalion. Sgt. Shachar joined the Dallas community in a meaningful Shabbaton weekend hosted by Congregation Shaare Tefilla.

Sgt. Shachar, a naval combat soldier in the IDF’s 3rd Missile Ship Fleet, spoke about her experience as part of the team that used the anti-missile system on the INS Eilat operationally for the first time. While on a patrol voyage, Shachar’s team successfully intercepted two drones sent by the Hezbollah terror organization in an attempt to damage one of Israel’s gas rigs. Proud to play a part in this difficult task, Shachar explained the value of the support she and her team receive from FIDF. “Through FIDF, soldiers in financial distress are given aid, and needed buildings have been constructed. You make us all feel so appreciated.” said Shachar.

This year, the FIDF Dallas community “adopted” the Shayetet 3 battalion through the FIDF “Adopt a Battalion” program, which allows individuals and communities to support the needs of an IDF unit. Lone Soldier flights home, building projects on bases and Rosh Hashanah food vouchers are some examples of initiatives funded.

Before reciting Parashat Bereisheet, FIDF’s CEO, Rabbi Steve Weil, spoke about the organization’s critical mission. “It is an honor for FIDF to partner with the Shaare Tefilla Congregation in building the future of the Jewish world and the future of Israel. The love and support that the Dallas community has given to these young men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to defend Israel and the Jewish world has been overwhelming. We appreciate the emotional, financial and moral support that the community invests towards the education and welfare of the soldiers,” said Weil.

“This Shabbat was a perfect combination of people that are close to our heart at Shaare Tefilla. Some of our finest young people have served or are serving in the IDF, and Rabbi Weil has developed deep connections in our community over the years, sharing in some of our most significant moments and holding our members spellbound with his remarkable lectures,” said Rabbi Ariel Rackovsky, Congregation Shaare Tefilla’s spiritual leader.

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