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By Sharon Wisch-Ray

Chanukah is on the horizon and I am thinking back to last year when I couldn’t get the Maccabeats’ Chanukah tune, “Candlelight” based on Mike Tompkin’s a cappella version of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite,” out of my head.
I was thrilled to hear that the talented Maccabeats will be performing at Shearith Israel on Jan. 29 as part of the Small Cohen Waldman Concert Series.
With the first candle next Tuesday, our special Chanukah calendar (p. 16-17) is filled to the brim with activities of all sorts to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Hand painted tea boxes from Yad Sarah make great Chanukah gifts.

We’ve had our share of sore throats and stuffy noses at our house in recent weeks, but we’ve been hitting the hot tea and honey pretty hard. Recently, Sarrina Roffe, a longtime colleague from the Jewish journalism world shared a great idea for tea lovers that can help the worthy cause of Yad Sarah — hand painted tea boxes from Friends of Yad Sarah. Need a great gift for Chanukah, a Shabbat host, a housewarming or engagement? Need a unique party favor or a thank you for someone special? Yad Sarah clients and volunteers paint and decorate tea boxes. Each uniquely-designed box, filled with a variety of Wissotzky teas, will accompany any sweet occasion! To order visit http://www.shopyadsarah.org/
Yad Sarah, the largest voluntary organization in Israel, provides a spectrum of free or nominal cost services designed to make life easier for sick, disabled and elderly people and their families.

Ann & Nate Levine Academy’s Annual Gala will honor Senator Florence Shapiro with Civic Service Award

Levine Academy will honor Texas Senator Florence Shapiro and her commitment to achieving excellence in education at its Annual Gala April 29, 2012. Fred and Kay Zeidman and Frank and Helen Risch will be Honorary Chairs for this event.
Florence Shapiro was elected to the Texas Senate in 1993. But her journey into Texas politics began years prior and miles away from the Texas Capitol. As a former public school teacher, she first entered elected office as a Plano City Council member. Following six terms on the city council, she was elected Mayor of Plano.
Driven by her traditional values, Senator Shapiro has worked tirelessly to improve public education and protect the lives of all of our children. She believes every child deserves a good education and has worked toward that end throughout her career.
In 2003, she became chair of the Senate Education Committee, where she passed legislation to overhaul the state’s school finance system. Today, she serves as co-chair of the Education Policy Taskforce for the National Council of State Governments, as well as on the Southern Regional Education Board, and the Education Commission on the States, coalitions of elected officials and education leaders that addresses issues such as long-range planning, policy proposals and the advancement of education among the states.
Among her many honors and awards, she is particularly proud of her service as President Pro Tempore of the Texas Senate as she was the only Jewish woman to serve in this capacity. To commemorate this prestigious milestone, she hosted the first ever Shabbat Dinner at the Governor’s Mansion when she was Governor for the Day on April 9, 2005. Serving the community has been Senator Shapiro’s legacy throughout her years of public service.
As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, Senator Shapiro learned early the importance of responsibility, character, education and the heritage of a rich Jewish tradition. She is actively involved at the Holocaust Museum Center for Education and Tolerance.
At Levine Academy, Senator Shapiro is known as a loving mother to Levine Academy parents Staci and Paul Rubin and Jori and Todd Shapiro and doting grandmother to nine grandchildren.
Levine Academy’s Gala will also recognize the following teachers, administrators, and staff who have given 25 or more years to enriching the lives of our children: Beverley Lewin, Sandra Cantor, Wende Weinberg, Deborah Lan, Shirley Green-King, Kathryn Hill, Estella Raphael, Nonie Schwartz and Betty Kenner.
For more information about the gala including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Marilyn Rutner, Development Director at mrutner@levineacademy.org or 972-248-3032, ext. 114.

DJHS’ veteran’s exhibit continues this month

There is still time this month to visit The Dallas Jewish Historical Society’s newest exhibit, “Honoring our Veterans.” The exhibit is housed in the glass cases outside the DJHS offices at the JCC and showcases men and women who have served our country through war time and peace.
Images and artifacts from veterans hail from World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, up until Operation Desert Storm. A number of the veterans featured in the exhibit served during World War II.
The U.S. Armed Forces and Allied Forces included in this exhibit are listed below:
U.S. Navy: Dave Andres (Courtesy of Ruth Andres); Henry David Schlinger (Courtesy of Norma Schlinger); Frederick Leopold Schlinger (Courtesy of Norma Schlinger); William Naxon (Courtesy of Bill and Elya Naxon); Dr. Burton Einspruch (Courtesy of Dr. Einspruch); Dr. Leonard Gravier (Courtesy of Dr. Gravier); Natalie Lewis (Courtesy of Natalie Lewis); U.S. Marine Corps: Bernard I. “Barney” Budow (Courtesy of Jackie Budow Prager and Larry Budow; Roy Elsner (Courtesy of Roy Elsner); U.S. Army: Jack Agress (Courtesy of Idalee Cathcart); Max Rich (Courtesy of Anita Friedman); Abner Aronoff (Courtesy of Norma Aronoff Schilinger); Lehmann “Larry” Miller (Courtesy of OriAnn Phillips); Albert Frankel (Courtesy of Anita Friedman); Rabbi Murray Berger (Courtesy of Rabbi Berger); Mendel Melasky (Courtesy of Mike and Julie Lowenberg); Sol Wald (Courtesy of Sol Wald); Rabbi Murray Berger (Courtesy of Rabbi Berger); Stanley Kaufman (Courtesy Chuck Kaufman); Jake Wilonsky (DJHS Archives); Ruth Lax, R.N. (Courtesy of Ruth Lax); Dr. Jerrold Grodin (Courtesy of Dr. Grodin); U.S. Air Force: Theodore Garber (Courtesy of Bella Garber); Sol Greenberg (Courtesy of Joyce Greenberg); British Auxiliary Territorial Service: Tehilla Katzman Miller (Courtesy of OriAnn Phillips). Stop by the DJHS archives, housed at the Aaron Family JCC, 7900 Northaven Road and view this very personal, well-prepared exhibit.

Tzofim Caravan looks to expand its Dallas stay

For more than 35 years, the Israel Scout (Tzofim) Caravan has visited the Dallas area bringing an energetic multimedia and interpersonal message about Israel to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences.
Each Friendship Caravan consists of five male and five female Tzofim who are entering their senior year of high school.
The four Caravans travel throughout North America each summer as emissaries, sharing their lives in Israel through song, dance and story.
Participants are chosen after undergoing an extensive auditioning and interviewing process, ensuring that above all, they are true representatives of Israeli culture and spirit.
The Tzofim Friendship Caravan typically reaches over 35 states, including 250 camps, community centers, churches, senior homes and schools, performing for an audience totaling nearly 100,000 people.
They stay for an average of eight nights in most other major cities during their three-month U.S. tour. David Abrams shared with the TJP, “While the Caravan has visited the Dallas area for five days in the past few years, in order to expand their schedule to eight nights, our committee is seeking additional funding. With the additional time in the Dallas area in 5722, we would be able to expand our programming so that this year’s Caravan can engage people at non-Jewish venues such as malls and churches. We have numerous Jewish families with children who would love to host the Tzofim additional nights.”
The Tzofim committee is looking to raise $4,500 this month to expand the caravan’s Dallas stay to eight nights. For more information, contact David Abrams at caravan@dallasjscouts.org or 214-669-3033.
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