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By Linda Wisch-Davidsohn

I have often wondered from week to week what I will write about in the next column. Most of the times, I am really lucky — I have a good Editor and Publisher that feeds my writing soul. I have been looking forward to writing this week’s column for more than a week, and I hope that you enjoy it.
Many of you know that I moved to Dallas in 1971, and through a wonderful organization called ORT, formed some lasting friendships.
One of the first couples I met were Minna and Mitch Goldminz who also moved here that same year. If you are a good math student, you can figure out how long ago that was.
We lived on Meadow Road, east of Central and the Goldminzes lived on Meadow and Stone Canyon Roads. Minna and I visited almost daily.
She was a very glamorous New Yorker, and a gingy (a red head with freckles — as I was) who persistently came over to apply false eyelashes to my innocent eyes.
Unfortunately, I was a very poor student when it came to applying eyelashes — but I can assure you that the coffee was good, be it at my apartment or hers. Years later, the movie “Grease” was released, and I was certain that the song “Beauty School Dropout” was written just for me.
We’ve stayed in touch throughout the years, and I often think of her spectacular mother, Deenah Diamond z’ll,” a true Sabra who moved to New York prior to Minna’s birth.
When Deenah came to visit Minna and Mitch from her home in New York, she brought suitcases laden with kosher meat — and brought chesed as well as her beautiful smile and huge heart.
With that background in mind, here is the current update on the Goldminz Family in 2014.

Minna and Mitch Goldminz were thrilled to welcome their grandchildren for a joint birthday party.
Minna and Mitch Goldminz were thrilled to welcome their grandchildren for a joint birthday party.

8 Goldminz cousins celebrate joint birthdays with family

Several weeks ago, the Bonaventure was rocking and rolling as eight, enthusiastic cousins enjoyed a magical birthday celebration at the home of their “Nannie” Minna and “Pops” Mitch Goldminz.
The eight cousins are close — ranging in age from 3-year-old twins, Emma and Ashley Birnbaum, their brothers, 5-year-old Jeremy Birenbaum and 7 ¾-year-old Joshua Birenbaum, who are the children of Lisa and Todd Birenbaum of Plano.
Minna and Mitch’s son, Jonathan, and his wife, Pam moved to Dallas last summer, with their son, Zachary, 7, and their daughter, Hailey, 4.
Minna and Mitch’s oldest daughter, Judith and Steve Friedland and their two sons, Alex, 7, and Noah, 5, of Allendale, New Jersey joined the celebration of cousins.
Happy Birthday wishes to all the Goldminz cousins — from what I have heard they really know how to party.
Minna and Mitch are busy and involved parents and grandparents. Mitch is a published author and artist, whose paintings hang in all Café Brazil DFW locations. Mitch’s paintings also hang throughout Crest Cadillac.
Twenty-five percent of the sale of any painting hanging at Crest Cadillac is donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Lindsay Kaplan scores at figure skating championship in Massachusetts

Earlier this month, Lindsay Kaplan competed at the ISI World Recreational Team Championships for figure skating in Massachusetts. She competed in five events and took first place in her solo spotlight and her ensemble. For her solo Lindsay skated to the theme from “Up.”

Lindsay Kaplan skates at the ISI World Recreational Team Championships in Massachusetts.
Lindsay Kaplan skates at the ISI World Recreational Team Championships in Massachusetts.

Lindsay has been skating since she was 4. Her solo coach is Aerin Williams who also coaches her team along with Patty Toth. She skates for Galleria Ice Skating Center. Lindsay practices from three to 15 hours per week, depending on her schedule. In addition, she enjoys playing tennis.
Lindsay is the daughter of Lisa Newman and Jeffrey Kaplan and the granddaughter of Drs. Gordon and Lynda Newman of Dallas and Max and Isobel Kaplan of Toronto, and the caretaker of Bandit.
Lindsay is a seventh-grader at the Shelton School.
Congratulations, Lindsay on your wonderful achievements.

Catching up with Emily Claire

Since returning to my post at The TJP, I’ve been curious about what Emily Claire Shlesinger, talented songwriter/composer and, performer has been doing lately.
I touched base with her mom, Barbara, who brought me up to date on the latest accomplishments and venues of this extraordinary 17- year-old.
She was invited to perform this past spring at SXSW week at two venues: Burnsides Tavern and The Littlest Bar in Texas.
The Littlest Bar selected Emily to perform as a finalist in a charity kickoff that week to support the new Cancer Foundation in Austin affiliated with Gilda’s House. They asked youth around the country to write songs based on stories written by child cancer survivors. Emily’s song, called “Paradise,” was the winning entry/performance.
Other key performances this past spring were The Deep Ellum Arts Festival in Dallas, Earth Day Festival and I-30 Music Festival along with her regular appearances at Shady’s, Ascension Coffee House, The Kitchen Cafe and Lekka Patio Café on Preston Road.
Emily is gearing up for her senior year at Winfree Academy. She transferred last year due to her music and travel commitments. This allows her to complete her work in a more flexible way. Her plan is to graduate early.
She previously attended Brentfield, Parkhill and J.J. Pearce High School.
She has received critical acclaim for her new music, which is said to be even better lyrically and musically. Emily started her own personal charity called “Music Heals” and performed for Ryan Seacrest’s closed circuit TV station at Children’s Hospital and at Scottish Rite serenading the kids and their families.
She spent the summer recording new material she’s written for her upcoming EP — working with producers in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas and making regular appearances at local venues.
Throughout the month of September, Emily will be performing vocals on guitar and piano at The NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas every Thursday from 6-9 p.m. at the restaurant/Bar and poolside. It is open to the public.
On Oct. 7, she is scheduled to open for the touring band, “Surviving Allison” at J & J’s Pizza Bandstage in Denton.
Emily is also in the process of scheduling a school appearance tour in the greater Dallas area. No dates have been formalized as of presstime.
She currently has four songs on iTunes.
To follow Emily Claire or sign up for her email fan list go to www.EmilyClaireMusic.com; Facebook: EmilyClaireMusic;
Twitter: EmClaireMusic; and Instagram: EmilyClaireMusic.

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