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By Linda Wisch Davidsohn

Good wishes to Waldman Bros who recently celebrated their Jubilee Year — 75 years in the insurance industry and most recently in the financial services industry.
Waldman Bros has been a household name for more than seven decades. They have served the Dallas community tirelessly and tailored their services to meet every client’s individual needs. It seemed as though they built their business by creating relationships.
I was fortunate to have met both Bill and Erwin Waldman when I was considerably younger, and watched them cater to their clients. Their agency was and still is a household name.
Later, as my children grew, I grew to know Steve and Jackie, since our daughters, Jordana and Melissa, were members of the JJ Pearce Cheerleading Squad.
Congrats to Waldman Bros on this auspicious occasion. May they continue to grow from strength to strength. Read on to learn more about how Waldman Bros has evolved over the years.

A Rich 75 Year History

Much has changed in the last 75 years. The United States has seen 13 presidents come and go, with other important milestones including the beginning and end of World War II, man landing on the moon, The Cold War, The Gulf War and the emergence of the Internet, among many others. Regionally, North Texas has seen booms of oil, technology and real estate rise and fall, and rise again. In Dallas, one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country, job growth continues to outpace the nation.
In the midst of all of this change and momentum, one thing that hasn’t is Dallas-based stalwart Waldman Bros, LLP, a unique integrity-first organization that provides personal and commercial insurance, employee benefits and financial services. While the business has evolved, its focus on building long-term relationships with each and every client has remained steadfast. As businesses come and go, it’s rare for a family-owned operation to survive and thrive the ups and downs of the turbulent Texas economy. A standout operation that has remained a stable force for their clients and the community is Dallas-based Waldman Bros.
Their journey from a small family-owned business to one of the areas mainstays demonstrates the opportunity Texas and the city of Dallas presents to those who not only have a vision, but are committed to seeing it through to fruition.
After the family moved to Dallas from New York by train in the early 1900s, Abe and Rosa Waldman brought children Morris, Sam and Sadie (Charles, William and Erwin were born after) and made Texas their home because of its warmer climate. The company began in 1939 when Charlie Waldman encouraged his brother Bill to enter the insurance business. Over a lunch meeting 10 years later, the insurance agency was formalized when Erwin, Charlie and Bill Waldman met to further expand the business. Under the business name of Waldman Bros, a name appropriate to the family siblings, Bill and Erwin successfully grew the insurance agency to a thriving organization.
In the early 1970s, Erwin’s son, Steve Waldman, and son-in-law, Howard Cohen, joined the company and have been an integral part of Waldman Bros’ success ever since. After joining Waldman Bros and continuing the company’s success, Steve and Howard brought on Scott Cohen, Todd Chanon, Michael Waldman, Martin Golman and Andy Dropkin as partners to further enhance Waldman Bros’ offerings and capabilities. Today, Steve serves as chief executive officer and Howard is the company’s chairman of the board.
Following in their fathers’ and grandfather’s footsteps, the third generation of Waldman Bros has emerged within the company. Starting in the early 1990s, Erwin’s grandsons, Scott Cohen and later, Michael Waldman, continued the growth of the company and are both recognized nationally as industry leaders in their respective fields. Scott’s focus is wealth management, whereas Michael’s is employee benefits for the corporate and nonprofit world.
Deeply rooted in the Dallas community, Waldman Bros recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Since its establishment, Waldman Bros has focused on providing clients with expert counsel to protect their personal and business interests, in addition to securing and expanding wealth. As the firm enters its eighth decade, it continues to grow in size and scope while still maintaining personalized service and dedication to the success of each client.
The company remains dedicated to providing its knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their insurance and financial goals.

Company Evolution

CD Wealth Management was recently formed in response to regulatory restraints impacting Waldman Bros. The separation of the Investment Advisory and Wealth Management Practice ensures that these services operate independently.
CD Wealth Management, through principals Scott Cohen and Andy Dropkin, will offer Investment Advisory and Financial Services for families, corporate executives, closely-held businesses, people in transition and not-for-profit institutions. Waldman Bros will continue to provide personal and commercial insurance, as well as financial services and employee benefits. Both entities will continue to work together to ensure exceptional service and quality choices for clients and partners. This move represents the ongoing advancement of Waldman Bros as the firm celebrates its 75th year of operation.

Giving Back

Following the example put forth by the firm’s founders, Bill and Erwin Waldman, both firms strongly believe in supporting the community around them. Their teams are heavily involved in the local community and regularly support a wide variety of charitable and civic causes while many of their members hold nonprofit leadership positions, with three partners receiving the designation of CAP®, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy through the American College
In 2014, the company has already participated in more than 20 charity events, either through sponsorships, donations or volunteer participation. These charitable contributions benefit countless communitywide organizations including, but not limited to, Jewish education and advancement, social services, medical research and advocacy, and many others. More recently, Waldman Bros and CD Wealth Management participated in the 27th annual Erwin Waldman memorial golf tournament hosted by the Jewish Community Center of Dallas.
Specific to charitable organizations, Howard Cohen is a national trustee of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation, a trustee of National Jewish Health in Denver and is a past chairman for Camp Better America.
Steve Waldman is a past board chair of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and currently serves as board chair of the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance.
Scott Cohen is in his second year as chairman of the board of the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center of Dallas. He also serves as a board member of the Da Vinci School.
Michael Waldman is a past president of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society. He currently serves as vice president of the Greenhill Alumni Board and board member of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.
Currently the president of Congregation Shearith Israel, Todd Chanon is a past president of Jewish Family Service and is a current board member. Martin Golman is a past president of the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center of Dallas and currently serves on the executive board of Gladys Golman Faye Dallen Education Fund. Andy Dropkin, a vice president of the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center of Dallas, is a current board member of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.
Waldman Bros and CD Wealth Management can be contacted by clicking on the Contact Us pages at www.waldmanbros.com and www.cdwealth.com.

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