Dallas Doings: AJC annual meeting

Compiled by Sharon Wisch-Ray

AJC annual meeting at Bush Library

On May 16, nearly 350 people attended the AJC annual meeting at the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the campus of SMU. AJC Dallas President Margot Carter highlighted AJC Dallas’ accomplishments during the first year of her term as she welcomed seven new regional board members: Brian Ellman, Cory Feldman, Paul Genender, Mark Platt, Karen-Lee Pollak, Sophia Stoller, and Mark Zilbermann. AJC executive committee member Adam Lampert was named president-elect. His two-year term succeeding Margot Carter will begin in May 2018.
Representative Phil King, author of the new anti-BDS law, greeted attendees via video message and thanked AJC for its advocacy work in passing HB 89. His remarks can be viewed at www.tinyurl.com/KingAJC.
For most in attendance, the highlight was the keynote speech by AJC Chief Executive Officer David Harris. His wide-ranging remarks included commentary on AJCs recent opening of an office in Warsaw, creation of a national Muslim-Leadership Advisory Council, and the growth of partisanship on the far right as well as the far left, while re-affirming AJCs status as “fiercely nonpartisan.”
“This was a great night for AJC and for the Dallas Jewish community,” remarked AJC Dallas Director Joel Schwitzer. “AJC has worked hard to increase our local impact and visibility. Tonight was a clear illustration of the efforts toward that goal.”
— Submitted by AJC Dallas office

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