Dallas Doings: Hadassah board, AIPAC talks election

Compiled by Sharon Wisch-Ray

Hadassah installs 2017 Board, presents Sarah Mendel Susman Award

On Jan. 8, Pat Silverman Rosson and the 2017 board of directors of the Dallas Chapter of Hadassah were installed in an inspiring ceremony created and officiated by Past President June Penkar.
It was held at the home of Reesa and Dr. David Feinstein, who each come from Hadassah families. Naomi Levinson, Greta Herskowitz, Janet Coppinger and Steven Rosson were event sponsors.
June connected each position to a city in Israel and its attributes, providing a picture of each location. It was a meaningful approach for this women’s Zionist organization whose primary focus is strong support of Israel, along with groundbreaking medical research and technology at Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem.
The slate of officers installed were: president: Pat Silverman Rosson; organization vice president: Jo Reingold; recording secretary: Susan Kravit; corresponding secretary: Lisa Bronchetti; treasurer: Marjorie Rosenberg; assistant treasurers: Ety Friedman and Katie Szende; communications vice presidents: Janet Coppinger and Shirley Frankl; fundraising vice presidents: Ester Solomon and Susan Turner; health and Education vice presidents: Raye Koch and Francine Daner; membership vice presidents: Susie Avnery and Vered Golan; program vice presidents: Suellen Rothschild and Risa Weinberger; associate chairs: Barbara Moses; and immediate past president: Susan Blum Barnett. Leadership of chartered groups installed were: Herzl presidents: Jo Zeffren and Shirley Frankl; Lillian Wald Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Council: Dorothy Zarbo and Sue Wertheim; professional networking president/assistant president: Elise Power and Susan Blum Barnett.

Submitted photo (From left) Barbara Moses and Shirley Frankl, the 2015 and 2016 Sarah Mendel Susman Award recipients
Submitted photo
(From left) Barbara Moses and Shirley Frankl, the 2015 and 2016 Sarah Mendel Susman Award recipients

The highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of the Sarah Mendel Susman Award to the 2016 recipient, Shirley Frankl. Barbara Moses, the 2015 recipient, presented the award, which is given to someone who epitomizes the volunteer spirit of devotion and tirelessness in support of Hadassah’s ideals.
Shirley, a native of Johannesburg, South Africa, came to Dallas in 1978 with her husband, Karl, and their three children. Born to parents who had to leave their home to escape Nazi Germany, she and her husband also left their home when it appeared apartheid would not end peacefully.
After a year straightening out a visa mix-up, they were able to settle in Dallas and become cherished members of our community. Shirley was an impeccable Hadassah employee and then became a loved and honored volunteer.
— Submitted by Pat Rosson

Temple Shalom hosts a discussion with AIPAC on the results of the U.S. election

“What effect will the administration of then President-elect Trump have on the U.S. Jewish community, the Israeli community and U.S/Israel relations in general?” These questions and more were directed to Leora Goldblatt, AIPAC area director for the North Texas and Oklahoma regions, and Kevin Pailet, AIPAC national board member, Tuesday evening, Dec. 13, at Temple Shalom in Dallas.
Sixty to 70 attendees listened intently as another one of the many events of Temple Shalom’s Israel Connection Committee sought to educate and increase awareness of Israel and the issues it is facing.
As AIPAC does not rate or endorse any elected officials or candidates for office, the discussion focused on what to expect during a time of transition and reset in the U.S.-Israel relationship. The attendees were assured that Congress is more committed than ever in its continuing support of a strong U.S./Israel relationship. Goldblatt and Pailet both reaffirmed that AIPAC’s mission is still committed to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of both the United States and Israel. Both emphasized that given the increasingly shifting demographics in the United States, it remains critical to AIPAC’s mission that extensive outreach be directed to the Hispanic and African-American communities, as well as to the younger generations of Jewish and non-Jewish voters, as this is from where the future Congressional leadership of the United States will come.
A vigorous Q&A session followed the prepared remarks of these AIPAC leaders, all questions answered. The general consensus of attendees, as they exited the Temple Shalom venue, was that this was a very educational and worthwhile session. Before the evening ended, the duo encouraged the attendees to attend the 2017 Policy Conference, March 26-28 in Washington, D.C. This encouragement apparently was responded to, as Temple Shalom has now registered a record number of congregants attending this upcoming Policy Conference.
— Submitted by Anita Warner

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