Dallas Doings: Spotlight on Alan Levy
Photo: Sharon Wisch-Ray Alan Levy and his wife Renee met when he was 23 and she was 20. They are shown atop Masada during the JFGD’s recent Big One Mission to Israel.

By Linda Wisch-Davidsohn

I moved to Dallas in late 1971. At that time the city was undergoing some major growth.
As the next few decades passed, the Dallas Jewish community began to be filled with an influx of Canadians, Hungarians, Israelis, South Americans, South Africans, Russians, as well as others immigrating to the city. This multicultural move enriched our city and the ideas emanating from these new Texans made a huge impact as the private Jewish day school enrollment increased — Dallasites had additional options.
New synagogues were constructed to meet the needs and ideals of their congregants. New accents and dialects (perhaps foreign to native-born Texans) permeated our community. Along with these changes, came not only the birth of new friendships, but also an increased need for residential and commercial growth.

Meeting Levy

When first speaking to Alan Levy, I was warmed by his unmistakable laugh.
Of course, after our “warm- up,” I had to ask the important question — “Why did you choose Dallas?” Alan replied that he was “offered a position in Dallas in the commercial real estate field, because of my prior background. The year was 1986-87 and the market was unfortunately in the doldrums because of the savings and loans debacle at the time.
“I did very well in conjunction with those tough challenges, but the opportunities were indeed bleak. I made a decision to make my move into the residential industry. I was pursued by a number of companies once the word got out that I was looking for a change.”
Alan, now 66, came from an Orthodox Jewish background in South Africa. His father, who was one of 10 children, and two of his brothers, had a very successful commercial real estate company that they nurtured and built over a half-century in Johannesburg.
“Growing up in South Africa in the 1950s through the ’70s was a dream in itself,” Levy said.
“During the 1960s and early ’70s, I completed my compulsory military service when the struggle to end apartheid was in full force. Those years brought doubt about the future of South Africa to both my wife and myself.”

Growing his family

“I married my beautiful wife, Renee, who is now an avid Lifemaster in the game of bridge, when I was 23 years old. She was just turning 20. In those days, it was the thing to get married young or one might feel left behind.
“We are active members of Shearith Israel Synagogue and have just returned from the Federation mission, ‘The Big One.’ This amazing trip was one of the most impressive that we have experienced.”

New business plan

“My new 2015 venture is the Alan Levy Group. I have engaged Jason Friedman, 36, as my new junior partner who brings new technology and his engaging demeanor to my business in this ever-changing industry.
Claire Cavalieri is my new Licensed Office Manager with 10 years’ residential real estate experience and a long family background in real estate. She is a multitalented lady serving the needs of our clients.”
Among Alan’s many accolades are: voted one of D Magazine’s BEST Realtors 2003-2014 (top 2 percent of all DFW Realtors); 2014 Ebby Honor Roll Recipient (top 2 percent of Ebby Halliday companywide) and 2014 first-ranked individual-producing agent (Preston Keller office).
As Alan and I finished our conversation, he added: “There is no doubt that the support and love I have received over the years has brought me to this point and I am eternally grateful.
“My life’s ambitions are bearing new fruit daily.”

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