Daughter’s wedding truly special simcha

Fried family photo Rabbi Yerachmiel and Miri Fried walk their daughter, Tehilla, down the aisle at her New York wedding.

Dear Readers,
I’m writing to you from New York, in the midst of the “Sheva Brachos” celebration for the wedding of my precious daughter Tehilla last night. It’s hard to capture in words the emotions I felt last night, especially trying to stay in touch with my own emotions while so many moving parts are flowing around me as the actual wedding kicked in and moved into the fast lane!
Walking down the aisle, I was brought to tears thinking that my little girl is actually moving on to the next stage in her life. In those few short moments my head was filled with memories of the past and hopes for the future. A future building a new home with a new person in a new city and community. So many unknowns yet so many possibilities.
At a time like this there’s nothing like being surrounded by family, kids and grandkids from Israel, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Dallas. Brothers and sisters-in-law from across the globe. And it was so meaningful to have such a strong showing of my colleagues, friends and students presently and previously from Dallas. To dance with them all and share in this simcha together with such wonderful and loving people from the amazing new community my daughter is joining warmed the heart and was sublime.
From the taxi on the way back to LaGuardia I extend my best wishes and blessings to all the readers and all of Klal Yisrael that you should all have your chance to share in simchas such as this and join in the glorious chain which links us, through the holiness of matrimony, back to Sinai and into the future.

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