DFW responds to Iran nuclear deal

TJP reporter Ben Tinsley spent a few hours last week asking  North Texas residents what they thought of the U.S.-led negotiations with Iran.
Here are selected responses:

Question: What do you think about the recent
decision to allow a nuclear Iran?

  • “I wasn’t surprised. This is all very interesting but the Iranians have nothing to say about this. It’s a totalitarian regime and all it will do is increase terrorism and cause an arms race. You just can’t deal with these people. I was thinking Obama would get a deal, but he’s given away the store.
    “There’s plenty of time for them to cheat on this. Why do we expect them not to cheat?”
    — Seymour Stecker, Rowlett
  • “I think it is a mistake.”
    — Bill Coleman, Dallas
  • “I support it 100 percent. It is good for Americans. This is wonderful. Not a perfect plan but a good one. We can’t get a perfect plan, but I think there are a lot of positive things here. We cannot afford another war where we kill people … “We lost Vietnam, we lost Afghanistan, and we are trillions of dollars in debt. Let’s sit down and negotiate peacefully with these people.”
    —  Joel Batalsky, Dallas
  • “I just think it’s a horrible mistake. I don’t understand why — I hesitate to use the word ‘president’ — he is so obsessed with his ‘legacy.’ It will be a legacy like Neville Chamberlain’s.”
    — Arnold Barkman, Fort Worth
  • “I am disappointed and think it is a mistake, but I’m not surprised with everything Obama is doing. It’s anti-U.S. values and anti-Israel.”
    — Will Stallworth, Fort Worth
  • “I’m very much afraid of it — of what’s going to happen.”
    — Connie Stallworth, Fort Worth
  • “We have done monumentally stupid things in this country before, but this takes the cake. I’ve been feeling sick about this all along. I knew this would happen and here we are.”
    — Frankie Schwartzwald, Grand Prairie
  • “It is a bad decision and we’re in really big trouble. … Just think of them getting that nuclear weapon.”
    — Ann Schwartzwald, Arlington
  • “I do not believe it is safe — and certainly not in anyone’s best interest. We are in danger.”
    — Melba Yeoman, Fort Worth
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