DJCF holds annual meeting
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DJCF board members vote virtually on the slate of officers at the organization’s annual meeting Nov. 4.

Bodoff: ‘Standing together makes a difference’

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The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation (DJCF) held its annual meeting Nov. 4.

More than 400 people were treated to a professionally produced show via computer that shared the many wonderful people/agencies that help make the community a better place. The first 350 registrants received a celebration kit in the mail a few days before, filled with delicious treats and surprises. 

The program focused on celebrating and honoring the many agencies, volunteers and employees, and DJCF leadership. The attendees experienced, firsthand, the extraordinary work that has been accomplished both in and around the community and all the great work done behind the scenes of so many different nonprofits — the Unsung Heroes. #ThereIsGoodHappening was certainly evident! 

The 21 agencies, all of which partner with the DJCF to be their fiscal manager, could nominate a hero. The organizations, which vary in size and mission, were able to personally thank their hero. By virtue of being online, instead of applause the audience could send messages in the chat. It took a lot of sorting but each hero received a copy of remarks sent to them — not an easy task as this document was over 15 pages of messages. 

Aside from honoring the 23 heroes and giving out more than $130,000 in grants (see sidebar), the brief board of trustees meeting signaled a change of leadership. 

The officers are: Lisa R. Newman, chairwoman; Louis Zweig, first vice chair; Mike Weinberg, second vice chair; and Sandy Kaufman, treasurer.

Andy Dropkin gave his stepdown remarks that showed how busy he was the past two years as board chair. No Foundation event has ever ended without an inspirational message from President/CEO, Meyer Bodoff. Here’s an excerpt from his speech:

“When one person wore a mask, big deal. But, when as a community we all wore masks, we all washed our hands raw, when we all practiced social distancing we slowly began to stand up to this pandemic. As individuals we could do nothing. But as a community we learned standing together with shared goals made a difference.

“Standing together is a lesson our community needs to learn. Standing together with the generosity of our fund holders, our two foundations distributed over $18 million this year, to organizations that were desperate for help, and desperate to help those in need. 

“Let me speak plainly. Surely you all know the facts. Over the next 10 to 20 years the largest transfer of wealth in history will take place. No one person, no one organization, can deal with this on their own successfully. So, just as our foundation has done in the past, we will lead our community in this legacy effort. Why? Because that is our mission, and that is our expertise. For individuals, we can help you create and structure the legacy portion of your estate. Do you think that you don’t have an estate? Think again: Your house, life insurance policy, IRAs, investments — these all are part of your estate. No matter how small or how big, simple or complicated, you can depend on our professional staff and team of volunteer experts. And of course, no fees no charges for any of this. Organizations, schools, agencies and houses of worship, you will regret if you let this opportunity go by. We are here to help you, we can do the heavy lifting, we can be your endowment department at no cost to you. Hear me clearly. Time is up; it’s now or never. It’s time to put the old angers away; it’s time to end the jealousy; it’s time for mistrust to end. Let us as a community build an endowment for our great-grandchildren and beyond that will last for generations. Together we can be successful. But only together.”

The annual meeting video is available to watch at

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