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This is an important time for students and families to know about the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation (DJCF) scholarship program. Depending on whether students are of camp age (third through eighth grade in the fall) or attending college, they can apply now for scholarships for 2021.

Overnight Jewish camp

Overnight Jewish camp scholarships measure only one variable — financial need — and therefore the confidential application process is done in a way that the identities of both the recipient and the committee members are never revealed. Over 400 campers from Dallas have benefited from this amazing program as no child should be denied a Jewish camp experience because of financial need. Applications close March 3, 2021.

Higher education

The DJCF has many college scholarships, each with different criteria. Study in Israel, a Jewish student attending SMU or Texas A&M, a Jewish veterinary student — the list is extensive. Fortunately students have to complete only one application and the student is considered for every scholarship for which they are eligible. While the overall majority of scholarships are for students from Dallas, Denton and Collin counties, there are also scholarships for students attending the University of Oklahoma, UTSW, and a variety of graduate school scholarships. Basically anyone who will be a full-time student next fall — undergrad, graduate, medical, special education or law — regardless of age, can apply. Applications close Feb. 11, 2021.
This year there are some new specialty scholarships. These scholarships are unique as they are geared toward master’s, doctoral and veterinary students as well as medical students, those in community service fields and those majoring in theater or musical theater.
The Fichtenbaum Charitable Trust Scholarship was established by Fichtenbaum Charitable Trust as a legacy in honor of Dorace and Morton Fichtenbaum and their lifelong commitment to the local community. The scholarship will support doctoral or master’s students conducting extensive research on special education for children and studying within the state of Texas.
Gigi Gartner established an endowed scholarship fund to honor her late mother Louise Gartner’s legacy of giving back to the community and her lifelong passion for health and nutrition. The Louise Gartner Memorial Scholarship is for students that major or minor in nutrition, holistic medicine, or closely related nutrition-based programs.
The Frances A. and Joseph B. Levy Family Scholarship was established by the Levys because of their love of animals and is for future Jewish veterinarians enrolled in an accredited veterinary program.
Lastly, the Shlipak family has established two scholarships, the Louis Shlipak Healthcare Scholarship and the Carole Rolnick Shlipak Academic and Community Service Achievement Scholarship, to honor their parents, Louis and Carole. The two scholarships are for students that are either medical or health care majors or for students in the community service field.
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