Dr. Arthur S. Weston

Dr. Arthur S. Weston passed away April 21, 2022, in Dallas. He was born May 27, 1929 in Detroit, Michigan. 

He  drove a popsicle truck to get through Harvard University and received his medical degree from the University of Michigan. Dr. Weston was a pioneer in cardiovascular medicine. His accomplishments included developing treatment using statin drugs, treatment protocols for life saving surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysms and participated in early heart transplants. Dr. Weston had great medical detective skills and even was a resource in solving crimes. He loved the outdoors and was an avid hiker, golfer and skier. 

The Weston home was a crossroads of interesting people from the worlds of medicine, politics and international culture. Following the care recommendations for health, Dr. Weston enjoyed a long and healthy life as did his parents. 

He is survived by his companion Brenda Robertson; daughters Marjorie, Laura (Chris) and Pam; grandchildren Maurice, Matthew, Johnathan, Julia (Sam) and Valerie; and great-grandchildren Ben, Emily and Candence.

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