Familiar Things
By Rachel Gross Weinstein

They are the things we use the most — eyeglasses, keys, medication — and are among the every day items often misplaced by folks with memory difficulties. With the help of Familiar Things Memory Stickers, seniors can now find everyday items without hassle.

Barbara Glazer (left) and Rini Baker-Andres created Familiar Things Memory Stickers to help folks with memory difficulties easily find items in their homes.

Community members Rini Baker-Andres and Barbara Glazer developed the stickers. After spending time with family members with memory difficulties who had trouble finding things in their home, they decided this would be a good solution.
Each sticker is brightly colored with a picture and word of an object used in the home like the telephone, television remote, kitchen gadgets, vitamins, dental items and more. The purpose is for the sticker to be affixed to the outside of a drawer or cabinet where the particular object is kept.
Andres said the goal is to simplify and organize daily living for senior citizens.
“This product is meant for the early stages of Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss,” she said. “People are always looking for resources to help relatives or friends who have memory loss and the pictures on these stickers help to recognize the item.”
Categorized by color for the room the objects could be found in (i.e.: the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom), the stickers cost $14.95 for a pack of 48. A percentage of all sales will be donated to Alzheimer’s research.
Andres said the stickers hold many benefits. They enhance the quality of life for those affected by memory loss; bring a sense of order to them; simplify their lives; help avoid confusion; and make those caring for loved ones more organized.
“I hope these help alleviate confusion and give them a sense of independence so they know where things are,” she said. “They might not remember what they are looking for, but these stickers help them identify what they need.”
Glazer said their primary targets are professional caregivers and children with aging parents. All business is conducted through their Web site, www.familiarthings.net. Orders are coming in steadily both locally and from across the country.
“This is a good product and it needs to get into the hands of people that can use it,” she said. “It can also help people who’ve suffered from a stroke or brain injuries, or those who have temporary memory loss. We want to make people’s live simpler, and we feel like we’ve done something terrific.”
Former Dallas resident Karen Kogut bought a package of stickers for her parents and said it has helped them immensely. She said the best part is that the graphics and words are simple and easy to understand.
She believes that many people will benefit from using them.
“Both of my parents are aging, and my dad is showing early signs of dementia,” she said. “These are brilliant and are helping my mom care for my dad. They are a great tool and a simple solution for organization.”
For more information and to order, visit www.familiarthings.net.

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