Garsek Lodge named KRLD Difference Maker
Photo: Submitted by Carole Rogers
The B’nai B’rith Isadore Garsek Lodge board members, pictured here with their families, collaborated to furnish meals to Fort Worth–area first responders over the last year. For their mitzvot, the Garsek Lodge was named a KRLD Difference Maker.

Isadore Garsek B’nai B’rith Lodge has been chosen as a Difference Maker by news station 1080 KRLD. Alex Nason, Lodge president, has been listening to KRLD for 30 years and recently heard their segment about Difference Makers. He wrote to the station and was interviewed by Susy Solis, and the Lodge was selected as a Difference Maker. The Lodge was featured on Friday, June 25, first at 8:40 a.m. and then at least five more times throughout the day.

Nason shared the following with KRLD:

“The Isadore Garsek B’nai B’rith Lodge is 146 years old, and it is one of the most active Lodges in the country. The Lodge is a part of the B’nai B’rith (Children of Covenant) International, the oldest Jewish organization in the world (176 years old).

“During our April 2020 Lodge board meeting, when the scare of the pandemic was at its height, the board approved the motion to honor our first responders.

“First, we decided to honor the firefighters, so in May 2020, we cooked and delivered 40 homemade lunches and dinners for all three shifts to the Fire Station #26 in Fort Worth. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Councilmen [Jungus] Jordan joined us in this event. It was well covered by the local TV stations.

“After seeing the joy on the firefighters’ faces, I asked the board for another event, to honor the Fort Worth South Division Police Station. Police Chief [Ed] Kraus joined us when we delivered over 65 meals to the policemen and policewomen in July. Two TV stations were on hand to cover our event.

“It was only natural for us to honor next the health care workers. So, our board approved, and we delivered over 60 meals to the intensive care doctors and nurses at the Harris Southwest hospital in Fort Worth in October 2020.

“Upon experiencing a personal interaction with the MedStar paramedics I asked the board to honor the MedStar people. Over 120 meals were delivered in March 2021 to the MedStar headquarters in Southwest Fort Worth. Chief of Police Neil Noakes together with Councilman Brian Byrd were present when we delivered the meals. A Star-Telegram reporter was on hand to cover and write up a nice article.

“Another idea came up during this event, the idea to honor the 911 dispatchers. On May 23,,we delivered 140 meals to all three shifts of the Fort Worth 911 dispatchers. Assistant Police Chief Captain Tyson Cheek, who is in charge of the communications, coordinated this event. According to him, our organization was probably the only organization which honored the 911 dispatchers.

“Seeing the appreciation on the faces of all first responders’ branches, and hearing their responses was the best we — the B’nai B’rith members — could ask for. We knew, it made a huge difference in their lives.

“I believe our Lodge may be the only organization in DFW who honored all branches of the first responders in the area.

“In addition, during the last year, on behalf of the B’nai B’rith International disaster relief fund, I have delivered 200 COVID relief kits containing a cloth face mask and hand sanitizer to Jewish Family Services of Tarrant County, B’nai B’rith low-income housing apartments, and the SPARC (Strengthening After-School Programs through Advocacy, Resources and Collaboration), which is run by the Fort Worth First VP of the Fort Worth Independent School District board of trustees Tobi Jackson.

Seeing the recipients’ appreciation, and especially hearing how surprised the recipients were, who didn’t know about B’nai B’rith, and what we do, made me very proud to be associated with this organization for over 28 years.

“Our organization is also very proud of the Christmas Breakfast-Lunch and gifts program at the Beautiful Feet Ministry in Fort Worth.

“For the last 35 years on Christmas Day starting at 7 a.m., our members prepare from scratch, and feed over 150 homeless people with breakfast and lunch. A gift bag is also given to every family receiving the meal.”

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