Good gun clubs teach safety, too

It all started innocently enough when I read the latest TSA’s report of a record 89 concealed firearms discovered in carry-on bags in one July week at airports around the nation. Most of them were loaded and one was even “hidden,” sewn inside a wheelchair cushion.
While some of those gun-owners obviously knew what they were doing, the majority claim that “they failed to check their bag before packing, having forgotten that they had left their weapon inside.”
Violators can be arrested and fined up to $11,000, poor memory notwithstanding. “So irresponsible,” in my opinion. Perhaps if gun-owners belonged to gun clubs, firearms safety would improve as well.
Since it seemingly would be impossible to learn how many Jews own guns, I did learn that there are Jewish gun clubs around the country.
On the West Coast (LA area), there’s Bullets and Bagels (with a good schmear) which welcomes Jews and others monthly at an Orange County firing range. Strict adherence to safety rules and a love of bagels is a requirement. Their training emphasis is on defensive use of their weapons and safe gun handling.
While firearms safety is always a consideration, other gun clubs, such as the Las Vegas Jewish Cigar and Shooting Club, also promises social and educational opportunities. Cigar smokers have their events separately, of course.
A growing, active firearms group in Texas is the Jewish Rifle and Pistol Club of Central Texas, meeting monthly at a shooting range in the hill country, near Austin.
In Teaneck, New Jersey, the Golani Rifle and Pistol Club meets on Shomer Shabbos and serve strictly kosher food at all its events. It promotes responsible firearms use by its 50 New Jersey and Pennsylvania members.
Other Jewish firearms and marksmanship groups can be found in other states, as well. Not all Jews, however, support gun ownership.
Various Jewish organizations, such as the ADL, the Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council of America have taken positions in support of banning assault weapons and discouraging any gun usage for sport or recreational purposes.
These groups do believe that gun ownership should be allowed, but for defensive purposes only. A problem with this position is that a gun in the hands of someone who does not practice firing and is not familiar with proper usage, handling and maintenance is a danger to himself and others nearby.
Another safety concern is that of children at the homes of gun owners, yours and others which your child may visit. It is a good idea for parents to learn which homes have guns. If their guns are not locked up, keep your child away.
Good gun clubs teach gun safety, not just shooting accuracy. If I chose to own a gun, I would join a good gun club, preferably a Jewish one, offering bagel and schmears.

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