Greif launches concierge physical therapy practice
Photos: Courtesy Gabriella Greif
Gabriella Greif leads a client in a workout. 

The home stretch

By Deb Silverthorn

Dallas native Gabriella Greif has returned to her hometown to open GG-Physical Therapy, a mobile, cash-based, concierge physical therapy practice dedicated to bringing services to indoor and outdoor personal spaces throughout the DFW area.

“I’m glad to be back in Dallas and to help my community to feel better and stronger and to actually be better and stronger,” said Greif, who spent the past decade in Boston, where she earned her degrees from Northeastern University and worked in the field.

She is also accenting her services with free monthly virtual workshops, including Hip Mobility, available for two weeks beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 26 at 

“Decreased hip mobility can lead to many functional deficits stemming from the lower back all the way down to the feet and that is often overlooked as an impairment in the medical profession. I am excited to provide education in this virtual form,’’ Greif said.

Greif, who earned her bachelor’s degree in rehabilitative science and her doctorate in physical therapy, has worked in private clinics and hospitals including six months earlier this year with patients in COVID-secure units.                                                        

Greif comes to all in-home and outdoor sessions with a table, weights and resistance bands and, based on her clients’ own equipment, formulates an exercise regimen.

“My programs don’t require bicycles or treadmills, although if available, that’s great,” said Greif, who uses manual therapy, targeted exercise techniques and functional training. She is also certified in functional dry needling and as a running rehabilitation specialist. “This year has taught us to be creative in many ways and health care is one of them.”

Greif shares her COVID-19 policies and procedures with her clients, each visit preceded by a temperature check and symptoms questionnaire. Masks are worn by patients and Greif throughout appointments, and any COVID-19-related cancellations will be rescheduled.

The daughter of Lizzy Rosenberg Greif and Dr. Jules Greif, and sister to Jake, Gabriella is a former Dallas Mavericks Ballkid. An avid athlete, Greif was inspired to follow her career path after her own rehabilitative experiences. A member of the JCC Dallas Maccabi basketball team for four years, who also played for the Shelton High School Chargers, after a knee injury she followed an intense treatment routine. 

“I always appreciated how my dad helped his patients heal,” she said, “and my own physical therapy program confirmed my decision, and my future path.”

Her pediatrician dad expressed pride in his daughter’s achievements.

“We’re not surprised that Gabriella’s drive, passion and motivation about fitness and health has brought her success,” Dr. Greif said. “She doesn’t just preach; she absolutely practices what she teaches.”

Her mom agreed: “It’s incredible to see how happy and rewarded Gabriella feels as her patients progress. When the kids are happy, parents are at their happiest, and we’re thrilled for her and know her patients are in special hands.”

Greif’s initial evaluation includes a series of tests and measures to assess current injuries or issues and any additional impairments. Once a diagnosis is made, a care plan is determined and follow-up appointments are scheduled. 

With the increased number of at-home offices, Greif has added an ergonomic evaluation to her services, adjusting and customizing work areas and furnishings. She advises on maintenance of a healthy workspace and exercises to manage issues due to prolonged sitting.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, visit or email 

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