Happy anniversary, Janice and Larry Feldman
Photos: Courtesy Janice and Larry Feldman
The Feldman family all together in San Diego in 2017. From left, back row: Joey, Hilda and Phillip Feldman; Nathan, Kelly, Mitch and Ryan Bruhn; Larry Feldman; Cheryl Feldman; front row: Janice Feldman and Max Bruhn.

64 years of lovin’

By Deb Silverthorn

Janice and Larry Feldman will celebrate 64 years of marriage June 26. In 1960, their wedding day was the day the couple finished their freshman year at the University of Oklahoma. Happily ever after, the Feldmans continue to shine as an example of young-at-heart love.

“We were kids, and my parents knew I was going to do whatever I was going to do so we got married and it worked,” said Janice, as she and her husband shared memories of their honeymoon, a train trip that took them to visit Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. “We had a lovely wedding, a great honeymoon and then went back to OU for Larry to finish three more years.

“We’ve always been there for one another,” she says, “and it’s been, and it is, a wonderful life.”

Born in Frederick, Oklahoma, and raised in San Diego before moving to Oklahoma City for high school, Janice is the daughter of Dolly and Bernie Asner and the sister of Jerry (Sarita) Asner and Bernie Asner Jr. (Luise), all of blessed memory. She was president of her B’nai B’rith chapter and very involved in Texas Oklahoma Federation of Temple Youth at Temple B’nai Israel, the “swimagogue” as it was known for its on-campus swimming pool, where her family belonged.

A graduate of Harding High School, Janice then went to the University of Oklahoma, where, in her freshman year as a Sigma Delta Tau sorority member, she met Larry, a member of Sigma Alpha Mu.

Celebrating Larry’s 81st birthday in April 2023, he and his wife Janice made one of many trips to San Diego to visit family.

“We had a number of mutual friends who said we needed to meet,” she said. “We did and that was it. Instead of finishing my bachelor’s degree I got my PHT — Putting Hubby Through — ‘degree’ by going to work first for the Bureau of Government Research at OU.”

Larry graduated from OU with degrees in accounting and business law and later from Southern Methodist University’s Law School. He is a native of Longview, the son of Bess Feldman and Henry Feldman and the brother of Sam (Helga), all of blessed memory; and brother of Mark (Susan). After his parents’ divorce, when he was a young child, he, his brothers and their mother lived with his grandparents, Ida and Louis Booken, who were influential in his life.

Larry’s grandfather died in East Texas, but Ida moved to Dallas and she lived to be 99 years old as a resident of Golden Acres Home for the Jewish Aged. Ida won numerous blue ribbons for her artwork at the Texas State Fair. In tribute, a papier-mâché lamb Ida made years ago sits near their front door at The Legacy Midtown Park, where Janice and Larry moved in 2023.

While they didn’t go to synagogue often, Larry did celebrate his bar mitzvah at Temple Emanu-El in Kilgore, the only Jewish congregation in East Texas at that time. A former star football player at Longview High School, Larry sees the antisemitism in the world today and reflects on a time, nearly 70 years ago, when the stands were filled with people screaming “stop that Jew” as he ran down the field. Despite the vitriol, he made the touchdown against Leverett’s Chapel High School.

Janice and Larry Feldman, whose 64th wedding anniversary is June 26, 2024, have enjoyed many vacations together. They are shown in 1975 at Three Arch Bay in Laguna Beach, California.

“You bet I did,” said the former fullback. “Of course I did.”

At SMU Law School, Larry was a finalist in the Moot Court debates his freshman year. After law school he worked as a tax attorney before opening his own law firm with Janice as his secretary, $25 in the bank and $10 spent for an IBM typewriter rental. Early in his career, Larry was among the first certified specialists in civil and personal injury trial law.

Over the course of his career, Larry won a landmark case — Adam Dante Corporation v. Sharpe — which was related to a slip-and-fall injury; he led a case to victory which resulted in the requirement of a vehicle backup warning system; and he was successful with a case concerning materials used in feminine products that had been causing sepsis. Aside from his family, changing the world through law is Larry’s greatest pride.

Janice later began her career in real estate, primarily through the Arthur Garza Company, focused on property management, investments and sales. The two raised their children Joey (Hilda) and Kelly (Mitch Bruhn) in the Northwood Hills neighborhood of North Dallas.

Over the years, Larry was a baseball coach at the Jewish Community Center. The family belonged to Temple Emanu-El and Temple Shalom; at the latter, Larry played in the Temple Shalom Softball League and often was chair of speaker committees.

Janice was long involved in the Sisterhood. She served as chairperson of Temple Shalom’s 1978 “A Cook’s Tour” cookbook of more than 800 recipes and Larry’s contribution to the project came through many of his legal clients, restaurateurs who submitted favorite recipes.

The Feldmans’ family has grown to include the couple’s grandchildren Phillip and Cheryl Feldman and Ryan, Nathan and Max Bruhn, who with their parents call the San Diego area home; the senior Feldmans have long vacationed and have a second home there.

Janice, with too many hobbies to count, has collected and connected more than 1,400 family names in her genealogy research; she also delights in listening to books. Together, the couple have enjoyed playing tennis and golf, visiting antique shops and traveling. One of their favorite memories is a six-week backpacking trip throughout Europe in 1997.

Adventurers, community-oriented and often on the go, the Feldmans reach 64 years together hand-in-hand, heart-in heart.

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