Here are the answers, you come up with the questions
By Laura Seymour

Dear Families,
seymourforweb2“This Game Show Debuted 50 Years Ago March 30” — What is Jeopardy?
Alex Trebek may not be coming to your seder but here is a Passover Game for your family.
The official Four Questions, the “Mah Nishtanah,” may be the most important, but the goal of the seder is to learn by asking questions and finding the answers.
The story of the Exodus and the message of freedom are so important that we continue this ritual as the most celebrated Jewish experience even today.
If you went from seder to seder, visiting families around the state, the country or the world, you would find that there are many ways of celebrating, no two alike!
Try this game to spark more questions.
And just as you must search for the afikomen, you may also need to search for the answers.
If you get stumped for a question to one of these answers, just email me ( or you could make up your own!
Passover is filled with getting ready — make your learning preparations as important as your cleaning and food planning!

Passover ‘Jew-pardy’


  • 10 Charoset
  • 20 Gefilte Fish
  • 30 Afikomen
  • 40 Rice
  • 50 Egg


  • 10 Pharoah
  • 20 Elijah
  • 30 Moses’ mother and father
  • 40 Shifra and Puah
  • 50 Bityah


  • 10 The worst plague (besides the last)
  • 20 The Four Sons
  • 30 Mitzrayim
  • 40 Hillel Sandwich
  • 50 Water

Before & After:

  • 10 Mah Nishtanah
  • 20 18 minutes
  • 30 candle, feather and wooden spoon
  • 40 No chametz
  • 50 counting the Omer

Everything Else:

  • 10 Hallel
  • 20 B’nei Brak
  • 30 Abraham is warned
  • 40 Korban
  • 50 Freedom and Slavery

Shalom…from the Shabbat Lady,
Laura Seymour is Director of Camping Services at the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center.

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