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UTD Students in Solidarity with Israel

Rabbi Shmuly Druk helps Zolomon Kaliser fulfill the mitzvah of wrapping tefillin at UTD’s Plinth on Oct. 26, 2023.

By Corinne Baum

Tefillin, tabling and tzedakah, oh my! Jewish students at The University of Texas at Dallas showed solidarity for Israel with their week-long mitzvah campaign at the end of October. The mitzvot the students performed included collecting essentials for IDF soldiers, distributing shabbat candles and publicly wrapping tefillin.

Students under the watchful eye of Mendel Druk (right) write down their mitzvah commitments on a white board by UTD’s Plinth.
Meir Druk wraps tefillin on Nir Maor amid bags of essential goods for IDF soldiers at Chabad’s table at the center of the UTD campus.

“Our Mitzvah Campaign is a profound manifestation of the timeless bond among Jewish people worldwide,” said Rabbi Shmuly Druk. “Every mitzvah performed here on campus resonates across continents, providing a spiritual shield for our brethren in Israel.” UTD Chabad also said that the mitzvah campaign inspired many Jewish students on campus to connect with each other for emotional and spiritual support.

—Submitted by
Chabad UTD

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