Hurricane Harvey: Storm swamps Houston, Texas coast

The Jewish Herald-Voice has kept tabs on the historic flooding and damage from Hurricane Harvey. Here is a sampling of some of their stories:

Photo: Jewish Herald-Voice


Families evacuating to Beren campus

Displaced families from the Willow Meadows subdivision are in the process of taking up shelter on the campus of Robert M. Beren Academy.
School officials were working with police and neighborhood volunteers to open the school on Monday morning, Aug. 28.
“There are 10 families, possibly more, who want to go,” said Jenelle Garner, who is helping coordinate the move, after most of the Willow Meadows subdivision near Brays Bayou in Southwest Houston suffered heavy flooding from Hurricane Harvey.
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Community assesses challenges caused by catastrophic flooding

Houston’s Jewish community is assessing its damages after large portions of Harris County and surrounding counties were engulfed by floodwaters a day-and-a-half after Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas Gulf Coast.
During a conference call with community leaders on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 27, the local office of Jewish Family Service reported that it initially received communications that some 150 neighborhood blocks, where Jewish community members live, suffered flood damage from the storm.
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Houstonians wait for rescue

Houstonians near Brays Bayou in Southwest Houston have been stranded for several hours Sunday, Aug. 27, waiting for rescue crews as floodwaters continue to climb a day-and-half after Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast.
Robin and Kevin Alter and their two teenage children told the JHV that over the course of four-plus hours, they’ve watched as many as seven rescue boats and jet skies pass by their flooded home on North Braeswood Boulevard near South Rice Avenue.
“They keep saying they know about us and they’ll be back for us,” Robin told the JHV by cell phone at around 12:30 p.m.
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Community hard hit by Harvey

Several rescues were performed in the Willow Meadows subdivision during the early hours of Sunday, Aug. 27, as Houston suffered catastrophic flooding a day after Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the Texas Gulf Coast.
According to early reports, unprecedented levels of flooding are widespread throughout the city and county. Local residents have become first responders.
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HOD performing door-to-door rescue

Members of the Hebrew Order of David are going door-to-door in flood-damaged neighborhoods along Brays Bayou, rescuing stranded residents and bringing them to safety, as Hurricane Harvey continues to pummel the Texas Gulf Coast with record-setting rainfall.
Vincent Wedelich managed to ride his bike into a flooded area near North Braeswood Boulevard and Hilcroft Avenue on Sunday evening, Aug. 27, after receiving an HOD text message that a mother and daughter needed help.
The homeowner, Amy Goldstein and her 14-year-old daughter, had been waiting some 12 hours to be rescued from their flooded home on Cheltenham Drive when Wedelich arrived.
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