IAF conducts ‘extensive’ strikes in Lebanon after Hezbollah drone injures troops
An Israeli artillery unit near the border with Lebanon, Nov. 22, 2023. (Photo: Ayal Margolin/Flash90)

The military targeted rocket launch sites, command and control centers and other infrastructure belonging to the terror group.

JNS Staff Report
December 10, 2023

The Israel Air Force carried out an “extensive” wave of strikes on Sunday targeting Hezbollah assets in Lebanon, after six IDF troops were wounded in a drone attack.

The air force targeted rocket launch sites, command and control centers and other infrastructure belonging to the Iranian-backed terrorist group.

Israeli forces also attacked a terrorist squad attempting to fire anti-tank missiles towards Israeli territory in the Zerait area.

Earlier, two IDF soldiers were moderately wounded and four others were lightly hurt by shrapnel and smoke inhalation during a Hezbollah drone attack.

The soldiers were evacuated to the hospital and their families were informed.

Sirens blared across the Western Galilee after the “hostile aircraft” were detected crossing from Lebanon to Israeli territory.

Israeli air defenses successfully intercepted two targets, the military confirmed.

Later on Sunday afternoon, IDF tanks and fighter jets attacked additional Hezbollah infrastructure in response to more than a dozen rockets being launched from Lebanon towards the Jewish state.

In addition, a helicopter gunship attacked a Lebanese terror squad attempting to launch anti-tank missiles across the border towards Kibbutz Yiftach in the Eastern Galilee.

On Friday, the IDF Aerial Defense Array intercepted a suspicious target that crossed into Israel from Lebanon. Sirens warning of possible incoming rockets and missiles were activated due to fragments from that interception.

Later, Israel identified launches from Lebanon towards IDF posts in the area of the border. IDF artillery struck the source of the fire and additional targets in Lebanon.

Overnight on Friday, an IDF drone targeted and struck an armed terrorist cell in Southern Lebanon in the Har Dov area. In response to previous attacks launched towards northern Israel on Thursday, the IDF also hit multiple targets in Syria.

On Thursday, an Israeli farmer was killed when an anti-tank missile hit a vehicle in the Upper Galilee community of Mattat near the Lebanese border.

The IDF responded by attacking Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon with helicopters gunships, tanks and artillery.

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