In Dallas, Meghan McCain, 650-plus support IDF soldiers

Television personality Meghan McCain addressed a crowd of over 650 on Dec. 6 at the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces gala. The North Texas-area supporters gathered in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of soldiers risking their lives to restore security and peace to Israel following the unimaginable loss and terror of Oct. 7.

The event had been scheduled as the FIDF North Texas 2023 annual gala in celebration of Israel’s 75 years of independence. However, in the wake of the attacks, it was transformed into a solidarity gathering where the Jewish community could show support for Israel’s soldiers during their greatest time of need.

“The events since Oct. 7 have served as a call to action for anyone that supports Israel, civility and Jews worldwide,” said Amanda and Aaron Brown. “The IDF is on the front lines of that effort and we are so proud and appreciative of how the local community showed up to support the soldiers and each other. Dec. 6’s Night of Solidarity was a historic milestone for the FIDF North Texas chapter and we’re excited to find ways to continue engaging the community for ongoing support of Israel’s soldiers and our heroes.”

One hundred percent of proceeds from the event and donations to FIDF since the start of the war are going toward the emergency humanitarian needs of IDF soldiers. So far, more than $53.4 million has been transferred to the IDF to meet their most urgent requests for its soldiers.

“The unprecedented attendance and fundraising stands as testimony to Dallas’ unwavering support of the IDF,” said Kevin and Mahra Pailet. “The professionalism, precision and production value of the overall event were of the highest caliber, just like the IDF it supports. We are very grateful to have played a role in the effort at this critical time.”

FIDF is the only organization in the United States authorized by the IDF to raise funds for its soldiers’ humanitarian needs, which currently include urgent and lifesaving supplies such as ambulances, plasma, medical devices, field hospitals and hygiene kits. As the organization is the IDF’s official partner, donating to FIDF is the fastest and most direct way to support the soldiers of the IDF.

“The room was emblematic of the entire pro-Israel community. From the young and the seasoned to the Christians and the Jews, the Israelis and the Americans, everyone came together to support the young men and women fighting for Israel’s future,” said Janine Reutter, regional director of the FIDF North Texas chapter. “The hard work of our leadership over the past few years has culminated in FIDF becoming this well-known organization, where people know that if they want to support the soldiers and their families, we’re the place to turn to.”

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