Israel tells its citizens to ‘revaluate’ travel and not wear Jewish symbols abroad
Women enter a Jewish restaurant in central Athens, March 28, 2023. Greek police sources said they arrested two men who targeted the building.
Photo: Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP via Getty Images

By Ron Kampeas
November 3, 2023

(JTA) — Noting a sharp rise in antisemitic attacks and expression since Hamas launched a war against Israel on Oct. 7, the Israeli government advised its citizens not to travel overseas and, if they did so, to avoid outwardly displaying that they are Israeli or Jewish.

“Given the magnitude of this, the National Security Council recommends reevaluating the necessity of foreign travel,” a government warning issued Friday said, after listing examples of increased risk for Israelis and Jews, including attacks on Jewish institutions and protests in countries that the country has not previously considered dangerous.

“The National Security Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have identified a significant rise in antisemitism and anti-Israel incitement, alongside life-threatening violent attacks on Israelis and Jews around the world,” it said. In particular, it specified several areas as dangerous: the Middle East, Arab countries, the region surrounding Iran and the North Caucasus. Last week, a mob stormed an airport in Dagestan, a majority-Muslim republic under Russian jurisdiction, as a flight from Israel arrived.

Notably, it specified that Israelis should exercise caution around Jewish institutions. “Jewish communities, religious and community establishments (synagogues, Chabad centers, kosher restaurants and Israeli businesses), Israeli delegations, and airports with flights to and from Israel are key targets for protests and attacks by antisemitic groups,” it said.

If one must travel, the advisory said, travelers should avoid “openly displaying Israeli and Jewish symbols and features.”

It also advised “checking whether there have been anti-Israel protests and violence at your destination, including countries for which no travel warnings have been issued”

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