JCC Dallas connects with fellow JCC in Ukraine
Photos: Courtesy Aaron Family JCC 
Gloria Reed, foreground, and Ela Bilgin work on Rosh Hashanah cards that were sent to the Ukraine.

Dallas J joins JCCA Global High Holy Days moral support campaign

The JCCA Global High Holy Days moral support campaign connects the JCCs in the United States with the JCCs in Ukraine to wish a special Shanah Tovah. As a part of the initiative, The Aaron Family JCC was matched with NOEK — Mykolaiv JCC in Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

J Seniors, parents, children and staff gathered on Friday, Sept. 16, to create holiday cards wishing a very special Shanah Tovah to its sister J in the Ukraine. On Sunday, Sept. 18, at the “High Holidays in the Gan” program for families, everyone learned and experienced many of the holiday traditions. “Making cards for friends and families is a wonderful tradition and creating special cards for the children in the Ukraine reminded us of how our Jewish family is connected all over the world,” said Laura Seymour, director of Jewish experiential learning at the Aaron Family JCC. She added, “All who participated felt a connection to those across the world from us and it was a special way to give to those struggling in the Ukraine.”

Gustavo Cenobio works on a Rosh Hashanah card for members of NOEK-Mykolaiv JCC in Ukraine.

Seymour explained that learning for all ages at the J this holiday has focused on the importance of reflection. “We are not just looking at our ‘sins’ or ‘mistakes,’ but at our responsibilities to others through tikkun olam, repairing the world,” Seymour said. Making the cards was a way for J members to reach out to others to connect and share hope for tomorrow. “Seeing the pictures of the children gave our children the chance to send a card to a child like them in the Ukraine. Many of our children picked which child they wanted their card to go to. Our seniors signed a ‘Senior Department’ card together,” Seymour said.

The cards had Russian and Ukrainian greetings, pictures and more. The prepared cards were then scanned and sent to the JCC in Mykolaiv to meet their recipient.

“We are hoping Alena, Alan, Alesya, Danya, Dasha, David F and David Y., Diana, Dima, Eli, Eva, Ilya, Lera, Lesha, Maya, Micha, Nastsya, Nathan, Nikita and Omelia and their families enjoy the cards,” said Seymour.

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