North Texas Jews and Christians march in solidarity for Israel
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A Jewish child waves an Israeli flag during Sunday’s march for Israel.

By Will Kavy

Since the attacks on Israel by Hamas on Oct. 7, Jews all over the world have mourned for those lost and feared for those still breathing. Members of the North Dallas Jewish community are no exception.

Dallas-area Jews and Christians came together at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 22, for a march of solidarity with the state of Israel. Beginning at Far North Dallas’ Salado Park and ending at Preston Ridge Trail Sunset Park, hundreds of community members and allies met to sing songs, listen to speeches from community leaders and show their support.

“The goal of this event is to let people know that we — as Jews and Christians — stand together and we’re not going to be bystanders,” said Jack, a demonstrator and member of the Jewish community who didn’t feel comfortable sharing his full name.

Demonstrators donned Israeli flags as capes and held signs printed with the names and faces of Israeli victims of the recent Hamas attacks.

Dozens of organizations supported the event. These included Jewish student groups like North Texas Hillel and Hillel at SMU (Southern Methodist University) as well as local religious organizations like Chabad of Dallas and Tiferet Israel.

To begin the show of solidarity, the crowd joined together in guitar-accompanied song, singing traditional tunes like “Am Yisrael Chai” and ending with the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikvah.”

Benji Gershon, founder and president of one of the partner organizations — Dallas Jewish Conservatives — introduced each speaker.

City Council Member Cara Mendelsohn, Texas State Sen. Bob Hall, Tiferet Israel’s Rabbi Meir Sabo and Sarit Sabo, community member Kim Zoller and Olami’s Rabbi Jak Rubin shared their own short speech before the march began.

“They did a nice job covering all the bases. It’s important that this is not a political thing, not just a religious thing. They spoke from different perspectives,” said demonstrator Yuliya Berman regarding the event’s speaker lineup.

Diversity of thought and background was of clear importance among speakers, too.

“Look at this park, where there are people of every denomination, every age, those with kippot and those without,” said Rabbi Rubin in his speech.

Kim Zoller, the mother of two American Jewish men fighting in the Israel Defense Forces, stressed that this fight is against Hamas, not Palestinians.

“We must remember that Hamas does not represent all Gazans or all Palestinians. Many want peace, not bloodshed. Hamas targets anyone Jewish,” said Zoller. “If we do not stand with Israel, what will happen to all the Jewish people? What will happen to Gaza? What will happen to all the Palestinians that Hamas claims to fight for?”

Along the march route, participants called out “Bring them home!” referring to the hostages taken by Hamas. Supporters standing on nearby sidewalks cheered and waved Israeli flags. 

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