JFS Dallas provides services at new Jubilee Clinic
Photo: Courtesy JFS
The new Jubilee Park Community Clinic opened Aug. 1. The JFS Counseling Program at Jubilee Park delivers mental health services on the second floor of the new building. Its mission: bridge the gap in mental health disparities in the Jubilee Park Neighborhood by providing affordable care and culturally responsive services, assisting in these zip codes: 75223, 75210, 75214, 75226, 75227.

The Jubilee Park Community Clinic, a joint venture between Parkland Health and Jubilee Park & Community Center, expanded health and wellness services to Southeast Dallas County on Monday, Aug. 1. The clinic, located at 820 Ann Ave., Dallas 75223, offers primary care and dental services for people of all ages.

The second floor of the 15,000-square-foot, two-story health clinic will house mental health services provided by Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas (JFS).

“Five years ago, JFS initiated a meaningful partnership with Jubilee Park aiming to promote affordable and culturally responsive mental health services to the community. As part of the impact of this partnership, the community has become more comfortable with counseling services,” said Gustavo Bárcenas, Ph.D., LPC, RPT, JFS Offsite Clinical Program manager. “We are looking forward to working alongside our partners to provide clients with a more comprehensive approach to their overall health and to continue normalizing mental health and wellness in this community.”

“The clinic will be a true game-changer for the greater southeast Dallas community,” said Marissa Castro Mikoy, president and CEO of Jubilee Park & Community Center. “Leveraging the expertise of Parkland, Jubilee and Jewish Family Service will move the community towards improved health outcomes and health equity. Both Parkland and Jubilee are so proud of this collaborative effort and look forward to our work together for years to come.”

This joint venture will help to lessen the shortage of physicians in the 62-block neighborhood service area between Fair Park and Interstate 30. The project is anticipated to expand access to health care in the area, with the clinic projected to serve 3,500 patients in its first year and about 7,000 patients per year thereafter.

“This area was identified in the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment as an area with significant health care disparities,” said Christina Mintner, Parkland’s senior vice president of Population Health. “We know Parkland cannot do it alone. The only way to effectively address health disparities in Dallas County is to work collectively within communities. Our partnership with Jubilee will help address the nonmedical factors that influence health outcomes, like economic stability, education, food and community engagement.”

“With the COVID-19 global medical crisis as a backdrop, Jewish Family Service has embraced the need to support our community in new and highly impactful ways. The devastating impact of the pandemic on those we serve has shown us that many families are disproportionately impacted by a lack of access to health care,” said Cathy Barker, president and CEO of Jewish Family Service. “This partnership and coordinated approach will directly address this issue and provide a best practice solution that will make this community and these families emotionally and physically stronger as a result.”

A series of community events and an official ribbon cutting will occur in early September, marking the launch of all services. Due to national supply chain issues, the dental clinic opening will be delayed until early 2023, Mintner noted.

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