Johnson’s resolution passes Dallas City Council unanimously

‘Condemns Hamas,’ ‘stands with Israel’

Stuart Blaugrand, AJC Dallas president, speaks in favor of the Mayor Eric Johnson’s proposed resolution to condemn Hamas and stand with Israel. Photo: AJC Dallas

By TJP Staff

(Dallas) — At the Tuesday, Oct. 10, Dallas solidarity event for Israel, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson told the crowd that the City of Dallas stands for moral clarity. He shared a resolution that he planned to propose at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

The full text of the resolution reads:

October 11, 2023

WHEREAS, on October 7, 2023, during the sacred Jewish holidays of Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, Hamas terrorists launched a coordinated, unprovoked attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip; and

WHEREAS, Hamas has fired thousands of rockets toward Israel’s major population centers, breached Israel’s borders, infiltrated Israeli communities and kidnapped civilians, killed hundreds of Israelis, and wounded hundreds more; and

WHEREAS, this is the most significant attack on Israel since the Yom Kippur War, which was launched 50 years and one day to the day of the attack ago; and

WHEREAS, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel is at war to defend itself and its citizens and gave the order to commence “Operation Swords of Iron.”

Now, Therefore,


SECTION 1. That the City of Dallas unequivocally condemns Hamas for this deplorable and unprovoked attack on Israel.

SECTION 2. That the City of Dallas stands with Israel in its fight against Hamas, prays for those who have lost family members and friends, calls for the swift return of all hostages, and hopes for a lasting resolution.

SECTION 3. That the City Secretary of Dallas attests and affixes the seal of the City of Dallas to this resolution and that a copy be transmitted to the United States Department of State, the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Dallas.

SECTION 4. That this resolution shall take effect immediately from and after its passage in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the City of Dallas, and it is accordingly so resolved.

The resolution was Item number 37 on the council’s agenda. It was met with opposition from members of the gallery, a host of pro-Palestinian Dallasites, who were vehemently anti-Israel and attempted to make the resolution one about politics in the Gaza Strip.

Those who spoke in favor of the resolution were Sherry Goldberg, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas vice-chair and co-chair of the Mayor’s Anti-Hate Advisory Committee; Rabbi Eliyahu Kaufman, Texas Torah Institute; Amy Berger, American Jewish Committee (AJC) Dallas regional office assistant director; Stuart Blaugrand, AJC Dallas chair; Megan Hyman, Dallas Jewish Community Foundation CEO; and Kim Zoller, AJC Dallas board member and mother of two Lone Soldiers in Israel.

“The attack by Hamas, a terrorist organization was not provoked by anything but hate. The atrocities are incomprehensible,” said Zoller.

She added, “Can you imagine your baby ripped from your arms? Your brother, sister, mother, father, grandmother taken, beaten, raped or your 2-year-old put in a cage while the perpetrators are laughing and justifying these horrendous acts? Don’t be mistaken. This is not about land. It’s not about liberation. It’s about killing Jews. As a Jew, I’m asking you to be strong in your resolution to unequivocally condemn Hamas.”

When the remarks of those who were on the agenda to speak were finished, the motion to vote on the resolution was brought forth. Members of the council who wanted to discuss it were each given five minutes to speak.

Council member Cara Mendelsohn, who represents District 12, which contains the largest population of Jews in North Texas, said, “There isn’t one person in my community that I’ve spoken to, that doesn’t have a direct connection with somebody living in Israel, whether it’s a relative, a friend, a tourist, a business associate. These are people, these are real people. The stories I’ve heard have been so rough, so personal, so tragic.”

Council member Jaynie Schultz represents District 11.During her five minutes, Schultz said, “Nothing — absolutely nothing — justifies the pogrom that Hamas perpetrated. Nothing — absolutely nothing — justifies the rampant antisemitism on display in other cities; in our schools, public and private, here in Dallas; and on social media. No other people must spend millions of dollars every year simply to secure their schools and places of worship here in Dallas. No other people is met at the door of their place of worship with an assault rifle–carrying security guard.”

Schultz concluded her remarks with Golda Meir’s famous adage, “This will only stop when they love their children, more than they hate us.”

The resolution passed unanimously. Wednesday night, Dallas will join other cities around the world when the building lights in downtown will be illuminated blue and white in solidarity with Israel.

Among the buildings participating are the Omni Dallas, Reunion Tower, the Record Building Whitacre Tower, AT&T and 500 Acre.

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