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Set out on ‘The Path to Forgiveness’ at Temple Emanu-El
By Deb Silverthorn
“The Path to Forgiveness,” led by Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg, starts the weekend of Sept. 11 at Temple Emanu-El and is open for the community to travel.
Rabbi Peltz Weinberg is director of outreach and community development at New York’s Institute for Jewish Spirituality. The Delores and Walter Neustadt Lecture Series, chaired by Pam Rollins, is host to Rabbi Peltz Weinberg. It was started in 1999 to continue Temple Emanu-El’s history as a congregation of learners. The Neustadts support the series to benefit educational and literary scholarship, longstanding interests of the couple.
On Friday night, beginning at 6:15 p.m., Rabbi Peltz Weinberg will uncover beauty and poetry through “Awareness and Forgiveness” with music, teaching and meditation as a way to develop a personal understanding of God. Saturday, there will be a 9 a.m. “Chever Torah” program; evening programming will begin with a 7:30 p.m. dessert and wine reception followed by Havdallah and an 8:30 p.m. Selichot learning and prayer service: “Loving What Is Imperfect, Beginning with Ourselves.” Sunday morning, the community is invited to a meditation class at 9:30 followed by an hour of yoga.
“I’m thrilled to be coming for my first visit to Dallas and to spend the weekend with the community at Temple Emanu-El. I feel fortunate to be connected to many of the congregation’s clergy,” Rabbi Peltz Weinberg said. “My work includes supporting clergy by working with their own spiritual lives. For many years, I have taught meditation … [I am mindful] to expand my work to bring as much compassion as possible in a life of challenges.”
The Institute for Jewish Spirituality is committed to helping Jews deepen their spiritual lives and make the connection between the inner work of spiritual growth and the outer work of creating more justice and compassion in the world. The key to IJS’ philosophy is that “spirituality involves nurturing the human capacity to develop one’s personal understanding of God; to seek out truth and purpose; to discover meaning in personal and communal prayer; to develop relationships with one’s deepest and most authentic self and with others; to find strength and hope and maintain balance in the face of challenges; and to experience deeper joy at times of simcha.”
“Temple Emanu-El’s study theme this year, beginning with the month of Elul, is ‘Thinking about G-d: Exploring, Belief and Faith,’” said Nancy Rivin, director of Temple Emanu-El’s libraries and adult Jewish learning. “We are exploring Jewish spirituality in all its forms to give our congregants tools to forge relationships with G-d. We’re excited to welcome Rabbi Peltz Weinberg as we celebrate Selichot and as we begin the internal work of reviewing our lives in preparation for the High Holy Day period.”
“Selichot is a very auspicious time and I’m honored to explore what the holiday and forgiveness mean,” Rabbi Peltz Weinberg said. “This season brings the possibility of beginning again, and forgiveness is one of the most spiritual tools we are given. It’s about taking responsibility for our lives and relationships and how that can translate to kindness.”
All events are free but reservations are required for Sunday’s meditation and yoga events. Contact Nancy Rivin at or 214-706-0000, ext. 155.

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