Kosher meat available
By Rachel Gross Weinstein

There is plenty of kosher meat and poultry at local grocery stores this High Holy Day season, despite rumors to the contrary, according to Rabbi Sholey Klein, kashrut administrator at Dallas Kosher.
However, dry products, such as couscous, parve margarine, cheese and gelfite fish, are in short supply because a primary supplier of kosher products is restructuring.
“There is no issue and no shortage of meat or chicken,” Klein said. “Everyone is working together to make sure those of us who keep kosher can get everything we need. In addition to the beef and chicken, Tom Thumb now also carries kosher bison and steak to give people even more of a variety.”
The rumors of the meat shortage came about when Twin City Poultry, based in Minneapolis, stopped shipping its product a couple of weeks ago, Klein said. When that happened, Tom Thumb was still getting its products from Alle Processing and A.D. Rosenblatt Kosher Meats, the latter run by Dallas residents Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt and Bob Feinberg.
David Levitt of Twin City Poultry said that although the company is restructuring, Dallas residents don’t need to worry about their kosher meat and chicken supply.
“We are open for business and shipping product,” he said. “We just sent items to Tom Thumb and Albertsons in Dallas. Nobody has to worry about not having kosher meat or chicken.”
Levitt said more is expected to arrive later this week, and people will be able to get items for all of their holiday meals.
Other stores in the area that carry kosher meat, such as Trader Joe’s and Central Market, are not affected by the shipping stoppage because they get their items from other companies.
The Albertsons at Hillcrest and Arapaho in North Dallas has all of its standard kosher items except for milk, according to a spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous. He said there is a high demand for the kosher items, but he assured that those who keep kosher can find the items they need at Albertsons.
“Nobody needs to worry about anything,” Klein added.
A spokesperson from Tom Thumb did not wish to comment on the situation.

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