Larry Olschwanger recognized by Israel Bonds
Photo: Courtesy Israel Bonds
From left, Larry Olschwanger, Israel Bonds’ incoming National Campaign Advisory Council chair; Howard L. Goldstein, national and international chairman of the board; Chuck Berk, outgoing National Campaign Advisory Council chair; Dani Naveh, president and CEO; and Stuart Garawitz, vice president of National Sales, at Israel Bonds’ International Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., in March 2023.

Longstanding Dallas-based advocate for Israel Larry Olschwanger formally accepted his appointment as the Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds National Campaign Advisory Council chair at the organization’s recent 2023 International Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.

Olschwanger is the founder of ScrapSource, a Schnitzer Steel Company that provides revenue-enhancing solutions for companies generating scrap metal from their manufacturing process.

He succeeds Chuck Berk, who previously held the National Campaign Advisory Council chair role.

Olschwanger said, “I am honored to take on my new responsibility as chair of the National Campaign Advisory Council. Chuck has been an exceptional chair and role model and has become a good friend as well. Having participated in many Bonds gatherings together, I aspire to continue the work he’s accomplished and effectuate even greater positive change for the Bonds organization during my term and beyond. I continue to meet the most dedicated and remarkable people who share the drive and determination to empower Bonds advocates in becoming the next generation of visionaries and inspirational leaders that will propel Israel Bonds’ mission into the next 75 years.”

Welcoming Olschwanger’s appointment, Berk said, “I know that the progress I have accomplished will be further carried out by a deeply passionate advocate of Israel, Larry Olschwanger, who has taken a tremendous role in connecting our Dallas community serving as Bonds’ chair there, will bring new insights, develop highly-focused programs and will inspire new leaders to engage with their communities and encourage involvement with the Bonds endeavor. I am additionally confident that his intuitive ideas, his warm and welcoming demeanor, will result in the creation of new channels, leading to new investors, new appointments on local councils and the establishment of platforms for Israel Bonds to reach our Jewish diaspora like never before.”

Olschwanger accepted the appointment at a special dinner during the Israel Bonds International Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., March 12-14, where Israel Bonds’ National and International Board and Council members came together to celebrate Israel’s upcoming 75th birthday.

Israel Bonds’ National and International Chairman of the Board Howard L. Goldstein said, “A pillar of the Jewish community in Dallas, Larry Olschwanger has demonstrated that he’s able to galvanize support for the Jewish state and I’m eager to work alongside him as Israel Bonds and the Jewish state continue to thrive.”

Goldstein added, “We are grateful for Chuck Berk’s tireless dedication to Israel Bonds, and also confident that he will continue to be a valuable resource to the organization and a torchbearer of our crucial mission.”

Dani Naveh, president and CEO of Israel Bonds, added, “I’m proud to welcome Larry Olschwanger as our new National Advisory Council chair. He is a role model for unconditional support for the state of Israel and its people. I thank Chuck for his unwavering support for Israel and am looking forward to seeing how Larry will help us attract even more support for the Bonds organization — something that benefits not only the individual on a financial level but provides much needed support to the only Jewish state in the world.”

For 72 years, Israel Bonds has focused on one mission: to generate financial support for the building and development of Israel’s economy. Its longstanding unwavering support for Israel’s strong democratic principles and its dynamic economy is the driving force behind the organization’s vision.

As such, with political protests sweeping Israel and abroad, Israel Bonds is working through periods of heightened passions and political rhetoric that’s leading to demonstrations and protests. As a U.S. based financial organization, Israel Bonds respects people’s rights to engage peacefully in the democratic process, both in the U.S. and in Israel. The organization continues to maintain that any attempt to politicize their work is unhelpful and misplaced. Israel Bonds does not endorse any political position of any politician, administration or ideology. That is why it hopes people will recognize the importance of ensuring that politics does not impact their good work.

To date, the organization has secured more than $48 billion in investments worldwide since its first bonds were first issued in 1951, with the proceeds playing an instrumental role in Israel’s transformation into a groundbreaking global innovator in various industries. 

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