Letter to the Editor 11/05/20: Chuck Butler

To the Editor:

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your headline last week, “Vote as you please, but please vote.” I thought it set a great tone that many would agree with. This current political environment has somehow forgotten that the strength of the United States is that it is one of the few places we can disagree but still engage, in a hopefully respectful manner. I get that there are all sides on politics. I have voted both sides depending on candidate and election.

I do take exception to the ad that was placed questioning my Jewishness if I vote for Biden. While I downplay that line, my primarily concern was that the majority of points made about the candidate were just false. These inflammatory items have been repeatedly debunked by credible sources and there they were in the TJP. There has to be some filter on publishing things that are emotionally inflammatory and flat-out lies in many cases. I have no problem speaking up for a candidate, pointing out failures of the opponent, but it’s never OK to lie, and the paper has a responsibility for facts to be accurate.

I’m not a Trump guy. I’m not a Biden guy. Candidly, we all deserve better. But if being on the regional ADL board has taught me anything, this kind of stuff hurts all of us and drives us further from the truth and apart rather than bringing us together.

Chuck Butler


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